2. Connect networks

After sign up and log in for the first time, you will be redirected to the Connect network page to add networks and start to use Monitoring and Reports.

What is a network ?

To connect a network, you will have to set some informations that allow Strackr to collect data :

Data that Strackr can collect depend to the network, for each network you will see Transactions, Revenues, Clicks and Payments, when it's green we can collect data.

How are stored my credentials ?

All credentials are stored encrypted when you set up or edit a new network.The encrypted credentials and the key aren't stored at the same location.

To collect data, our server will decrypt your credentials and create the connection to the network directly with a secure connection.

Set up a network

Choose your network and click on Connect :

Enter a name for this Network, you can add multiple account for a same network, the name can be a website, an application, a project etc...

Each network asks different informations to connect collect your data (API keys, token, user/password etc...) and other informations like country, currency, timezone etc... To help you to find those information, on the right you will find help and links.

Here is a demo :

Data collection

And it's done ! Our bots will start to collect data few minutes after set up a new network, the first data collected will start from the first of the previous month to the current day.

You can find information about credentials connection, collect status and the date of the last update on the Networks page :

If you have an error on the connection error, please edit your credentials.

And then ?

Add more networks and start to monitor your data !

Do you need more information ?

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