Manage users


Your account must have one of the following role :

  • Super Admin
  • Admin

Create a new user account

First, you have to go to the user’s manager page click on Settings to activate the sub-menu and then click on Users:

Click on: Add an user:

It will open a pop-up form:

Then you can send to the user the Email and the Password to login.

Edit User

Click on the pen icon on the right to open the user information form. It’s the same form as create a new user form.

If you don't edit the password, it will keep the same password.

Important: if you want to edit your own user account, click on name account on the top right and then User.

User role

There is 4 roles, 3 are available when you create a new account :

  • Tools only: can only access to tools + change views + can edit user information/notifications
  • Read-only : same as Tools only + can access to statistics
  • Member : same as Read-only + can manage categories, segments
  • Admin : same as Member + can manage the API, networks, users, views and import data
  • Super Admin : same as Admin + manage subscription. Main user account when the account is created


If you want to give a limited access to an account according to Views, you can create permissions for Member, Read-Only and Tools only accounts.

Click on the key icon on the right to open the permissions form:

Then you will be able to select one or multiple Views for the user : 

Remember that if you delete a View, it will also delete the permission for users.

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