Network integration

You are a network and you want to be available for publishers on Strackr, here is the list of information we need to work on integration :

  • A test account (required): we need a test account with fake data like program's partnership, clicks, transactions and deals/coupons.
  • An access to your API, credentials and documentation (required).
  • A contact with the IT support if we have questions.

Your API will have to provide methods :

  • Channels: if publishers can create "channels", for example to split statistics by websites or sources, we will need the list of the channels (ID and names).
  • Advertisers/Programs (required if you are a platform): list the advertisers/programs available on your platform and the partnership status if possible.
  • Transactions (required): the list of transactions by date ranges. A unique ID, transaction date, currency, amount, status is a minimum.
  • Clicks: click statistics per day, per advertiser and per channel (if available) for a date ranges
  • Payments: the payment list
  • Deals: list of deals/vouchers/coupons

Do you need more information ?

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