Update from V1 to V2

This documentation will help you to update your code from the V1 to the V2. The most important change is the naming of merchants to advertisers.

The V1 will be disabled the 2019-06-01.


  • URL changed from v1 to v2
  • The format date is now ISO 8601, only the datetime changed: 2018-12-2818:53:13 => 2018-12-28T18:53:13
  • The group_by value merchant is now advertiser
  • The parameter merchants is now advertisers
  • The merchant_id and merchant_name value are now advertiser_id and advertiser_name


  • The method /merchants is now /advertisers
  • The status value is now programs and you will have access to all programs in case an advertiser have multiple program.


  • The merchants value is now advertisers
  • The merchants_status is now advertisers_status

You will find the details on the API documentation.

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