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Strackr is an all-in-one affiliate tool built for publishers. One dashboard, one API, and a range of unified tools — making it easy to handle multiple networks.

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Capital Koala
Mucho Group
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All your affiliate data in one place — no more logging into each network multiple times a day.

Connect to hundreds of affiliate networks or direct affiliate programs, manage API changes and downtimes, and update your data multiple times a day.

We take security very seriously; all your connection data is encrypted and hashed.

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Increase your revenue by understanding the true value of your affiliate data.

Access metrics that affiliate networks don't have, like Revshare (your commission), CR (Conversion Rate), and EPC (Earnings Per Click) — making it easy to choose which programs to promote.

Plus, detailed transaction reports showing user device, OS, referrer clicks, landing pages, and time from click to order confirmation.

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Level up your applications and websites with our API and tools.

One API to rule them all. Building an application like a comparison engine, a cashback, or a couponing website? We unify all the data you need in one API making development simple.

Are your editors spending hours writing articles, creating affiliate links, or finding programs? Here’s the affiliate toolkit they need for an easier life.

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It’s essential for any publisher to use the best technologies to manage their business and Strackr has become an essential tool for monitoring the performance of our 2,000 advertiser partners. Julien and his team are particularly responsive to our needs and supportive in making the most of their solution, which has unique potential in the market.

Capital Koala

Alexandre Martin-Rosset

Co-Founder - Capital Koala

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Collect data Every report you’ll need
Collect data

Track and monitor transactions, revenues, clicks, and payments — globally or by website — with advanced filters to drill down to the detail.

Analyze data A single dashboard view
Analyze data

Access your metrics from all affiliate platforms via a single dashboard view, allowing you to quickly and easily compare and analyze data.

Connect to our API A unified affiliate API
Connect to our API

Strackr unifies all data in one API making it easier for your developers to integrate APIs from multiple affiliate providers into your applications.

Easy segmentation

Organize your statistics the way that suits you best, with multi-site views or by grouping similar advertisers together.

Tools for content publishers Useful publisher tools
Tools for content publishers

Content publishers can quickly create affiliate links with the link builder and find affiliate programs using keywords or URLs.

All the latest deals

Find new coupons, voucher codes, and promotions from across our database of affiliate networks — all on one page.

Combine your affiliate data with the products you already use

Strackr integrates seamlessly with the tools in your team’s existing workflow.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Automatically integrate your affiliate sales and lead data with Google Analytics.


Schedule an automated daily affiliate report, straight to your inbox.


Grab reports or metrics on-demand, directly in your Slack channels.

Mobile App
Mobile App

Run your affiliate business from your phone.

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