All your affiliate programs data in one place

Strackr collects all your affiliate data, such as transactions, revenue, clicks and payments, allowing you to more easily view your statistics. Save hours of time each month, and grow your business with Strackr!

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Detailed reports

You’ll have access to reports which will allow you to see transaction details: user device, OS, referrer clicks, landing pages and time from click to order confirmation.

Depending on the program, you can view the basket details: product name, prices, rates and your earnings.

Detailed reports

Increase your revenue

Our metrics will help you follow your performance and increase your revenue.

Revshare and EPC

For each program, you will be able to compare your Revshare (your commission), CR (Conversion Rate) and your EPC (Earnings Per Click).

This makes it easier to choose which programs to promote.

Revshare and EPC
Declined transaction

It’s often difficult to check the transaction status for each program.

With Strackr, you can choose your date ranges to check for issues!

Declined transaction

One API to rule them all

If you’re building an application like comparison engine or a cashback website, you may face challenges to support all affiliate networks due to various authentication methods and data models.

Strackr unify all data in one API making it easier for developers to integrate APIs from multiple affiliate providers into your applications.

You will find information like:

  • transactions IDs
  • orders IDs
  • SubID tracking
  • status updated
  • price and revenue
  • baskets
  • etc...

All you need to build your application with only one API integration !

Affiliate API


You are a publisher and you want to share coupons to your readers, with our Deals feature you will save time and energy by finding in one place all the coupons (voucher codes) and promotions (offers) updated every days !

Deals are also available in the API.


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