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Strackr makes building affiliate marketing strategies quick and easy—whatever your industry, whatever your size.

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Capital Koala
Mucho Group
Le Site du Made in France

Content creators

Focus on creating — and earn more

Content creation is demanding enough — so you don’t need to spend even more time connecting to the right platform, finding programs, creating affiliate links and tracking individual performance.

Strackr brings together all your affiliate network accounts on a single dashboard view, allowing you to access key statistics—plus handy tools like Link Builder or Program Search.

Less time spent on admin means more time to create videos, posts, blogs or podcasts!

Content creator

I got a couple of affiliate sites and I was searching for a solution to get grip on what each site generates. Strackr, is really perfect! Most of the networks are already in there and when I need a lil tweak on the strackr tool, Julien just listens and also puts in the work to make things work! Really worth the money!

Thuis Atleet

Matthijs Boon

Founder - Thuis Atleet

Media brands

Manage large portfolios with ease

Managing affiliate networks when you have an extensive media portfolio can be a huge time sink — manually segmenting statistics, sharing revenue data between teams, setting and reviewing permissions, the list goes on.

Strackr gives you a purpose-designed toolkit to manage multiple media accounts within a single dashboard view—and group your data by website, set user privileges by media, publish revenue figures directly to Slack, and a whole range of other tools to manage your affiliate platforms more efficiently — and make your life easier.


Media brands

Since using the Strackr affiliate network tool, we have reduced our operational time spent reporting on all our affiliate clients. Strackr is easy to configure and intuitive to use and we can strongly recommend it if your business is using multiple affiliate networks/countries. Good work Strackr!


Raul Martinez Valdueza

CEO - eDigitalPartners


Fastrack your cashback application

Strackr provides you with a unified API and the toolkit you need to create or develop your cashback application in record time. Access a comprehensive suite of data including program status, commission rate, list of transactions with subids, and more — with just one API integration—instead of starting over with each platform.



It’s essential for any publisher to use the best technologies to manage their business and Strackr has become an essential tool for monitoring the performance of our 2,000 advertiser partners. Julien and his team are particularly responsive to our needs and supportive in making the most of their solution, which has unique potential in the market.

Capital Koala

Alexandre Martin-Rosset

Co-Founder - Capital Koala


Automate coupon collection

Retrieving coupons and promotions from affiliate networks is a time-consuming task. Strackr’s Deals feature and unified API allow you to automate information retrieval and manage validations easily. It’s the quickest way to build a couponing site, price comparison site, or a cashback application with coupons from your partner advertisers.



Strackr is a great solution for our tracking and integration needs, helping us connect and track conversions from a wide variety of platforms and partners. Their support is extremely fast and friendly, providing us all the support we need, immediately and with 100% accuracy. I would definitely recommend others use this platform.

Better Impression

Amir Rosner

Product manager - Better Impression