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Affiliate data in your Slack channels

Send your affiliate data directly from Strackr to your team’s Slack channels, making reports and commands available in-app.

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Since using the Strackr affiliate network tool, we have reduced our operational time spent reporting on all our affiliate clients. Strackr is easy to configure and intuitive to use and we can strongly recommend it if your business is using multiple affiliate networks/countries. Good work Strackr!


Raul Martinez Valdueza

CEO - eDigitalPartners

Automated daily reports

Want to stay updated without getting inundated with messages all day? Select which type of report you want to receive (top networks, top advertisers) and at what time.

If you have multiple channels, you can connect them and select your options separately.

Affiliate metrics and reports

Affiliate report in Slack channel
Metrics on command

Useful commands without leaving Slack

Simply use the /strackr backslash command inside Slack and get access to on-demand reports whenever you want them from any device. Pull daily, weekly, or monthly metrics and list your top advertisers with a single command.

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Create affiliate links in-app

If your editors have a dedicated channel on Slack, they can create affiliate links using the /strackr linkbuilder command to add them to articles.

Using subids? They can be integrated into your links without having to manipulate the link parameters.

Tools for content publishers

Affiliate link builder