Analyze data

Analyze data

The easy way to access and compare your affiliate data

Strackr gives you the information you need to truly understand your data. Increase your revenue and scale your business with access to useful tools and key metrics not available on affiliate networks.

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Analyze data

Strackr does the heavy lifting for you

From day one you have access to all the data you need, in a user - friendly format — no customization required. No sweat!

Starting to use Strackr has been crucial — and a big part of our success last year. By collecting all our affiliate data in one place we have been able to keep our focus while growing. We have a much clearer understanding of the performance of our website thanks to the Strackr dashboard.

Mucho Group

Joel Ahlby

Co-Founder - Mucho Group

Monitor everything

Our dashboards and monitoring tools allow you to easily track business-critical metrics such as Revshare, Conversion Rate, Earnings Per Click, and more.

View metrics globally, or drill down by network, advertiser, category, or multi-site view.

How to segment your data

Transaction report

Detailed transaction reports

Access reports which will allow you to see full transaction details: user device, OS, referrer clicks, landing pages, and time from click to order confirmation.

Depending on the program, you can also view the basket details: product name, prices, rates, and your earnings.

Comparisons made easy

Our comparison tool makes complex comparisons between metrics simple. Select the elements to compare (networks, advertisers, or categories) and in a few clicks, the metric or graph is ready for export as a spreadsheet or image.

Compare by period — i.e. January this year vs January last year to monitor your performance over time.

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Affiliate comparison
Affiliate programs status

Track advertisers' partnership status

There’s nothing worse than sending visitors from your site to an affiliate program that has since closed, or to applying to a program and not receiving an update when you’ve been validated.

Strackr tracks the status of accepted, declined, or closed programs — alerting you on the dashboard and in the daily email report.

Keep an eye on cancellation rates

Have you ever experienced a significant drop in revenue and not understood the reason for it? Most likely it’s due to an advertiser who has performed a sales audit with a high cancellation rate. With Strackr you can track the cancellation rate per advertiser and over time.

Cancellation rate transaction