Affiliate API

Affiliate API

One API to rule them all

If you’re building an application like a comparison engine or a cashback website, the variety of authentication methods and data models out there can make supporting multiple affiliate networks a challenge.

Strackr unifies all the data you need in one API making it easy for your developers to integrate APIs from multiple affiliate providers into custom applications.

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Affiliate API

Why use affiliate network APIs?

APIs are services that allow you to connect to different applications on the Internet and to have access to their data. Affiliate networks provide APIs that allow applications to automatically retrieve the list of transactions or revenues. This data can be useful to you to build your application or improve the insight of your revenue.

Without Strackr

API integration without Strackr

A headache for developers

  • Each network uses a different technology (REST, SOAP, XML, file, etc...), different methods and does not always provide the same information.
  • Making the connections yourself means developing a separate connection for each network.
  • This involves harmonization of data to create an updated system with the API limitations, maintaining each connection, etc...

The result is hundreds of hours of work for your developers!

With Strackr

API integration with Strackr

One API. Cleaner code.

  • Only one integration to develop with a REST API to connect your data to your application.
  • Strackr’s API handles all of the work for you:
    • Data standardization.
    • Updates (up to every 10 minutes).
    • Update transaction status (pending/confirmed/declined).
    • Manage API limitations (e.g. max 10 requests per minute).
    • Connection maintenance.
    • Adding new networks at no cost.
  • APIs to make querying & accessing your data super easy.

The result is hundreds of hours saved — and happy developers!

We’ve been using Strackr for a year and are extremely satisfied with the service, it is an excellent product. The solution works perfectly and the team is very responsive if we have any questions.


Xavier Starkloff

Co-Founder & CEO - Joko

Rapid application development

Our affiliate API allows you to quickly build and launch applications or websites such as cashback apps, promo codes, loyalty apps, and more...

You can list programs by average revshare, track user transactions with subid, list available promo codes, and much more with the help of our unified API.

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Affiliate API tools

Access all tools via the API

All the tools that are featured in our dashboard are also available in our API. For example, you can create affiliate links through the Link Builder, or search for affiliate programs that you have not yet integrated.

Tools for content publishers

Switch to the Strackr API

If you’re already using integrated affiliate APIs and want to add more, you can use our API alongside yours and access 217 networks effortlessly.

And if you’re not satisfied with our solution (unlikely!), our API offers source identifiers (transaction ID, advertiser ID, etc.) from the networks, making it easy to switch to an internal solution.