Changelog Updates and new features



June updates

Here's the latest update for June!

New Networks

Three new networks have been added to Strackr:




Connection Improvements

  • FlexOffers: You can now manually import clicks to Strackr.
  • FinanceQuality: The previous API connection is closed, and a new connection using EasyMarketing is now available.

Create Views with Categories

You can create categories to group advertisers by niches, regions, types of products, or any other useful groups for your business. We have now added the possibility to include these categories in Views settings, creating new possibilities, for example:

  • Group categories in a View
  • Give users access to only a specific group of advertisers with permission
  • Etc.

We have also added category information in the /views API endpoint.

New Feature: Goals

The new Goals feature allows you to define revenue targets for advertisers, enabling you to track your performance at a glance and take action if you fall short of your objectives.

You can find more information on the documentation page.

Infrastructure Update

We have finalized the infrastructure for the new update queue system. We are currently testing it and plan to switch all accounts next month.



May updates

Here is the latest update for May:

New Networks:



We have disabled the connection for 22Media as their API is now closed.

Connection Improvements:

  • AvantLink: Deals and Linkbuilder are now available.
  • Commission Factory: The Linkbuilder is now available.
  • Ecomnia: We have added an option to select between Ecomnia and Gekko. They are exactly the same network but with different names.
  • CJ: We are now using the new EvergreenLink system to create affiliate links.

Infrastructure Update

In June, we will begin testing the new update queue system and infrastructure. This will make updates faster by avoiding lock issues due to slow network APIs and will be scalable for new features. If you want to be part of the tests, please let us know.



Dashboard UI Refresh

The dashboard UI refresh is now live and available to all users! Alvish, our new Product Designer at Strackr, has excellently redesigned the interface, incorporating significant improvements based on your feedback.

With the assistance of Jonathan on the front-end development, the updated dashboard is now visible to all users.

If you encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.



April updates

In April, we implemented several updates. Below is a summary:

New Networks Added

The following four new networks are now available on Strackr:

Bike Components



Connection Updates

  • MyLead: We have added a dedicated connection for the MyLead EU network.
  • Widlink: A new connection based on the Event Date for transactions has been introduced.

Inquiry Manager

You can now create and manage inquiries for Rakuten Marketing.

API Improvements

We have enhanced our API by adding a 'connector_id' and 'connector_name' fields in the networks endpoint and improved how the 'checked' value is populated.



March updates

Here's the latest update for March:

New Networks Added:

Four new networks have been added to Strackr:





Connection Enhancements:

  • Linkbux: The LinkBuilder feature is now available.
  • Timeone: Transaction inquiries can now be managed directly.
  • VerticalAds: Program statuses for Finance Ads, RetailAds, and CommunicationAds are now accessible.

New API Infrastructure:

The latest API infrastructure has been deployed for all users to enhance API performance and availability. This marks the start of the new API version (V4) development, scheduled for release in the second half of this year.

The final phase of the infrastructure upgrade begun last summer is now underway, focusing on data updates. A new update method, including a non-blocking queue system, is being developed to ensure that slow networks do not hinder the update process for other networks.

Dashboard UI Refresh:

A beta version of our UI/UX refresh is now available for testing during April before its official release in May. This update comes after a new product designer joined our team. Work continues on improving the responsive design, but the full range of features is already available for testing.

Feedback, bug reports, or comments regarding the beta are welcome. Please contact us with any inquiries.



February updates

Here are the latest updates for February:

Invoice Emails:

When you received an email containing an invoice, it previously included a Stripe link with a limited lifespan for downloading your invoice. We've now added the invoice as an attachment, allowing you to save the invoices directly within your email client or automate their management with your accounting software.

Inquiry Manager:

We have updated the Effiliation connector to comply with the new specifications of the claims file.

Bug Fix - Date Picker:

We have finally resolved the annoying bug in the date picker, which occasionally selected a date earlier than the one chosen.

New API Infrastructure:

The new API infrastructure has been under testing for the past two weeks. It has not yet been deployed to the API URL but is currently being tested on the dashboard for displaying your data. As a reminder, the new infrastructure is expected to provide improved availability and performance, with up to 30% faster response times.



January Updates

Here's the latest news for January:

New networks:

This month, we're happy to announce the addition of 5 new networks to Strackr.






Connector Enhancements:

  • Vcommission: A new connector is now available via Trackier.
  • Ingenious Technologies: Networks using this SaaS platform will now display program statuses and rates.
  • Effiliation: We are now connected to the new commission rates endpoint, offering more accurate commission rates.

Inquiry Manager:

We are continuously enhancing the module that manages transaction inquiries. This month, we have added three new networks:

  • CJ
  • Effiliation
  • Kwanko



Kwanko Legacy API discontinued

Kwanko Legacy API is discontinued since Dec. 31 2023. You can create a new connection with the new API and import your Legacy API connection by following our documentation.



Webgains API Legacy connection closed

The connection to the Webgains API Legacy connection is closed.

The new API is already available on Strackr, you have access to two connectors:

  • API 2023: Pulls data from all your "Sites" connected to Webgains.
  • API 2023 Campaign: Pulls data based on the Campaign ID only.

If you wish to upgrade from the Legacy API, simply select "API 2023 Campaign" in the connector list and then choose the Legacy connection in the Import list:



Retrospective & Plans for 2024

Here’s to a Prosperous New Year for Us All! 🎉

2023 Summary

In 2023, we continued to enhance our support for affiliate networks, surpassing the milestone of connecting over 200 affiliate networks and independent programs to Strackr.

To improve our service, we had to entirely reimagine our dashboard. This led us to start from scratch, creating a new, easily scalable dashboard. This development was led by a new addition to our team, Jonathan.

In addition, we focused on future improvements and service availability by changing our database engine. This important behind-the-scenes work, which took several months, is now effectively in production.

What’s Next?

While we love to surprise you with our updates, we are thrilled to give you a sneak peek at what's coming in 2024.

Design Refresh

We are working with a new designer who is preparing a refreshing update to our design. This overhaul aims to improve user experience and accessibility, and you can look forward to its launch in the first quarter.

Alerts Feature

Get ready to automate the tracking of your statistics with our new alerts feature. You will soon be able to receive customized alerts and reports via email, Slack, or directly on the Dashboard. This feature is set to debut alongside the design refresh.

Module Inquiry Manager

We remain deeply dedicated to enhancing the module designed for managing inquiries from your cashback users.

Infrastructure Update and API V4

Our ongoing efforts to upgrade Strackr's infrastructure are entering a new phase. We are in the process of updating our API infrastructure to improve availability and response speed. Additionally, we started testing a new version of the Strackr API, based on a new stack, which will be faster and offer essential features like pagination and compiled statistics. Expect API V4 to be released in the second half of 2024.


There are more features and updates in the pipeline. We'll share more details with you when the time is right. For now, we wish you a fantastic start to the new year.



December Updates

Transaction Statuses:

We've noticed that for some networks like Rakuten and CJ, when a transaction is declined, the revenue defaults to 0. This results in an inaccurate revenue-based ratio, as declined transactions will always show 0 revenue.

To address this, we have introduced a new column and filter based on the number of transactions:

Network Connections:

Several improvements have been made to network connections:

  • Awin: The deals connection now utilizes the API instead of the soon-to-be-deprecated FTP file. No action is required from users.
  • Kelkoo: Transactions and revenues are now linked to advertisers, and the Link Builder has been enabled.
  • Xpartners: This network will be closing at the year's end, and connections will be automatically paused.
  • Eficads: This network has transitioned to using Tradedoubler. A new connector for this is now available on Strackr.

New Filters:

Two new filters have been added to the transaction report page: Transaction ID and Order ID.

Happy Holidays

We wish you and your teams a joyful holiday season, and here's to many more shared successes in 2024!



Updates for late November

Here's the latest news from Strackr for the last weeks of November:

New Connectors:

  1. CJ Affiliate: We have added a new connector that processes transactions based on the Event Date, as opposed to the current connector, which uses the Posted Date.
  2. They have launched a new API (Demand API), which is now integrated with Strackr.

Connector Enhancements:

We've upgraded several connectors to access more data:

  • ShareASale: Deals are now availble.
  • YieldKit: Click statistics can now be retrieved from YieldKit.
  • AliExpress: Transactions can now be segmented by Channels (Websites).

Dashboard Improvements:

Thanks to your feedback, we've addressed some issues and made improvements:

  • Category statistics now load more quickly.
  • New columns have been added to the Advertisers page, allowing for the display of performance statistics in absolute values, not just percentages.



Weekly update

Here's what's new on Strackr since last week:

Connectors to affiliate networks:

We have added new connectors:

  • Wedare (powered by Ingenious Technologies AG)
  • Feeliate (utilizing Tune's platform)
  • iReliev, Because Market, Reverse Health, Everyday Dose, and Harvest Hosts (all via Everflow)

With the addition of these new connectors, Strackr has now reached the milestone of connecting with over 200 affiliate networks!

Sovrn Commerce Connector Update:

We've upgraded the Sovrn Commerce connector to use the latest API for transaction data and to include click statistics.

Affiliate API Module:

A guide for using the Linkbuilder with our API has been introduced, and we've enhanced the Data page to provide more detailed information about the data available for each connection.

End of the Old Interface:

The time has come to bid farewell to the old interface. On the upcoming Monday, we will migrate to the new dashboard at the domain.



Weekly update

We'd like to share the recent improvements we've implemented during the week:

Improved Lead Alliance Platform Connection: We've updated our connection with the Lead Alliance platform, providing access to clicks, channels, and the link builder.

Custom Date Range Presets: Date range presets such as "Last 7 days" don't include today's date by default. However, you now have the option to include today's date in your profile settings, giving you more flexibility in data analysis.

Inquiry Manager Module Guides: We've made the Inquiry Manager module guides available.

Improved Data Update Logic: We've made an update to the data refresh logic for the connection. Transactions that are declined will no longer reset the commission and transaction amount to 0. This change ensures more accurate commission and transaction tracking, even in cases of refusal.



Improved Advertiser data

We have made significant improvements to our advertiser data to provide you with even more accurate information. These enhancements will benefit your API experience and tools such as LinkBuilder and program search by URL:

  • Cleaned-up website URLs: We've cleaned up the links provided in each advertiser's API, ensuring that you'll no longer encounter text, email addresses, or any other non-URL data. This means you'll have cleaner, more reliable links at your disposal.
  • Support for multi-domain Advertisers: We now offer support for multi-domain advertisers, networks like Awin or Impact provide a list of domains that are compatible with tracking links.

Don't hesitate to share your feedback with us.



New networks: Adbloom & ClickBank

New connections are available on Strackr:





New Dashboard and Inquiry Manager module now available

We're excited to announce that the new dashboard is now accessible to all users!

We've just launched the final piece of the puzzle: the Inquiry Manager module. You can start using it to efficiently handle user inquiries.

In less than a month, we're removing the old dashboard. During this period, we will focus on resolving any remaining bugs and enhancing the documentation and guides for both the API and Inquiry Manager modules.

Your feedback is highly valued, so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us.



Database maintenance

Parallel to the development of our new dashboard, we're working on Strackr's new server infrastructure, which will improve the API's response speed and give us more flexibility in adding new features.

We would like to inform you that a maintenance window is scheduled for Thursday morning, August 24th, between 5:00 AM and 8:00 AM (UTC), for the purpose of migrating our database to a new system.

During this migration:

  • Access to the dashboard and the mobile application will be temporarily suspended.
  • Data updates will be paused.
  • The API will remain operational and accessible.

Following migration, no action will be required on your end. We retain the possibility of postponing or cancelling the migration.

Update 7:40 (UTC): The API and the dashboard are now plugged to the new database

Update 8:00 (UTC): We restarted the connection updates, we are monitoring errors



Webgains new API

Webgains has introduced a new API, now available on our platform. With this update, you have access to two connectors:

  • API 2023: Pulls data from all your "Sites" connected to Webgains.
  • API 2023 Campaign: Pulls data based on the Campaign ID only.

If you wish to upgrade from the Legacy API, simply select "API 2023 Campaign" in the connector list and then choose the Legacy connection in the Import list:

Please note that the Legacy API will soon be discontinued.

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