Ingenious Technologies AG API

Ingenious Technologies AG integration

Ingenious Technologies AG is an SaaS affiliate platform software for advertisers.


Strackr is able to integrate advertisers who use Ingenious Technologies, here is the list advertisers available:

  • Belboon

If you need to add a new network who use Ingenious Technologies, please contact us.

How to set up a Ingenious Technologies AG partner

1. Connect to the network dashboard, you will find your Publisher ID on the top right of the menu, near your name account :

2. Click on your account name on the top menu, then Credentials :

On this page, click on Create new magic key

Add a name (like Strackr), then click on Allow all in the API access section :

Then click on Create on the bottom of the form, you can go on the Credentials page and you will find your Magic key :

Copy and paste the Publisher ID and the Magic key on Strackr and connect your data !

Do you need more information ?

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