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    Webgains is an intelligent affiliate marketing network designed for top-performers and those looking to accelerate sales and deliver results. The platform is geared toward publishers in the real estate space. This network has very strong connections and partnerships with over 250,000 publishers across the world. With over 1 850 customers in 14 countries, they serve startups and global brands with a high performance affiliate marketing platform designed to elevate businesses to the next level.

    On top of connecting advertisers and publishers, the platform offers access to over 100 marketing experts with knowledge in scaling affiliate businesses and leveraging the potential of affiliate marketing to increase sales. Founded in 2004, the company combined human and artificial intelligence to drive results for performance-based affiliate businesses. With deep understanding of markets and perks of affiliate marketing, Webgains is dedicated to making a difference in the affiliate networking space.

    Why connect Webgains to Strackr


    Connecting Webgains to Strackr takes just a few minutes, and lets you to collect your transactions, clicks from over 80 advertisers into one dashboard. You can connect your cashback application to our API to access the clickref parameter that corresponds to the subid, or your couponing site to have access to deals.

    Webgains API integration

    To connect Strackr to Webgains API, you will need to fill in your credentials and the Campaign ID.

    Set up Webgains

    1. Fill in you backoffice credentials 

    2. Connect to the Webgains backoffice, then go to Account > Manager my websites/campaigns :

    Copy/past your Campaign ID

    3. To get access to Deals and Program statuses, you will need your API Key, on the top right, click on your account name and Request API Key:

    In the API Key section, generate you API Key if don't have it, and copy/paste your Key:

    And connect the API to Strackr !

    About Webgains

    Affiliate data available from the Webgains API that you can connect to Strackr.

    Standard connection
    • Transactions
    • Clicks
    • Payments
    • Channels
    • Link Builder
    • Revenues
    • Revenues CPC
    • Program status
    • Deals
    • Transaction inquiries
    Subid for Webgains

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