Affiliate Sub IDs tracking

What is affiliate Sub IDs and how it's works ?

What is it ?

SubID tracking allows you to send data when a user click on your affiliate links by passing a tag at the end of your affiliate links, and for each transactions you will find the SubID in your commission reports.

You can use SubIDs to segment leads, optimize campaigns, and improve conversions, here is some examples:

  • Cashback
  • Location on a page (top, article, bottom, etc...)
  • Calls to action
  • Type of page (reviews, overview, price listing, etc...)
  • Keywords / Ads
  • Sources (Organic, PPC, Email, etc.)
  • Sub-Affiliates
  • etc...

How to use it ?

To use SubID, you will have to add a parameter to your link:
parameter: you will find this parameter for each network on this page
value: your personalized value, for most of affiliate network you have characters restriction, you can use: !$%()*,-./0123456789:;?@[]^_`{}~

Awin (Affiliate Window)

You can use 6 SubId per link with 50 characters maximum: clickref, clickref2, clickref3, clickref4, clickref5, clickref6

Here is an example with Awin :

Subid Awin

You can use 1 SubId per link with 80 characters maximum: subid

Here is an example :


You can use 2 SubId per link with 255 characters maximum: effi_id, effi_id2

Here is an example :

eBay Partner Network

You can use 1 SubId per link: customID

Here is an example :

Performance Horizon

You can use 1 SubId per link: pubref

Here is an example :


You can use 1 SubId per link with 255 characters maximum: afftrack

Here is an example :

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