One affiliate API

How to connect to the APIs? How to create a cashback application?

Why use the APIs of affiliate networks?

APIs are services that allow you to connect to different applications on the Internet and to have access to their data. Affiliate networks provide APIs that allow applications to automatically retrieve the list of transactions or revenue generated during the last 7 days. This data can be useful to you to build your applications or improve the insight of your revenue.

How to connect to the affiliate APIs?

Each network uses a different technology (REST, SOAP, XML, file, etc...), different methods and do not always provide the same information. By making the connections yourself, you will have to develop a connection for each network:

Connect network APIs

This involves harmonization data, create an update system with the API limitations, maintaining each connection, etc... Hundreds of hours of work for your developers!

With Strackr you have only one integration to develop with a REST API to connect your data to your application:

Strackr API

All data is unified, a single API to access dozens of networks!

We realize:

  • Data standardization.
  • Daily updates.
  • Updates of the status of your transactions.
  • Manage API limitations (e.g. maximum 10 requests per minute).
  • Adding new networks at no cost.
  • Connection maintenance.

Your developers will be able to take care of your application full time!

Examples of API use

Cashback website

You provide a cashback website that allows your users to earn commission on every purchase through your website. Your affiliate links must use the SubId system with the user ID as a parameter, once the user has purchased a product, you will be able to retrieve the transaction with the user ID in the Strackr API.

Strackr will take care of updating the status of the transaction and you will be able to reward your users.

Follow the performance per page of your website

You have written a review of a product and you need to know the transactions made from this page. Add in the Subid the ID of your item and you will be able to list all the transactions and the turnover realized thanks to the API by filtering the transactions according to the ID of your review.

Information available in the API

All the information that is available in the dashboard comes from the API, you will be able to find :

  • The list of your networks.
  • The list of advertisers.
  • The list of your views.
  • The list of transactions, clicks, income and payments.
  • Statistics of clicks, transactions, revenues.
  • Deals.
Affiliate API

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