Tradedoubler integration

You have 2 solution do connect Tradedoubler: with your backoffice credentials or with your API key

Set up with backoffice credentials

It's the easier way, you fill il your username and you password to connect to the backoffice. With this method you will have less statistics than the other connection, we advise to use the API connection.

Set up with API key

First you have to contact Tradedoubler manager to get your API key, this is not the token. Then your manager will give you the key or you can find it by going to Statistics, Monthly statistics and click on API, you will find the key at the end of the URL:

Copy your key and connect to Tradedoubler !

Set up Deals for Tradedoubler

Check the documentation to know how to set up a Deals credentials, then go to My account, Manager your tokens. Then select a VOUCHERS token and copy/past the token:

During the next update, bots will save automatically your deals.

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