We Found the Best Niche Research Tools for Affiliate Marketing
June 8, 2024

We Found the Best Niche Research Tools for Affiliate Marketing

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    Helpful Summary

    • Overview: In our article, we explore the best niche research tools for affiliate marketing. Use these tools to identify trends and spot the best niches to target.

    • Why You Can Trust Us: We offer a unified affiliate marketing platform that integrates over 216 networks. Our detailed analytics track crucial metrics like revenue and conversion rates, helping marketers identify winning niches and trends.

    • Why It Matters: By identifying the right niches and keywords, marketers can rank higher in search results and attract a targeted audience. This data is crucial for maximizing affiliate marketing efforts.

    • Action Points: We recommend that you utilize the best-suited niche research tool from the provided list, analyze current data trends to refine your niche focus, and leverage Strackr's all-in-one dashboard for comprehensive niche analysis as you move forward.

    • Further Research: Explore Strackr's capabilities with a free sign-up to begin optimizing your affiliate marketing campaigns using real-time data.

    Every affiliate marketer needs to start somewhere. At the beginning of your journey, you must devote time to researching your niche.

    Uncovering the right niche is essential to stand out and drive conversions. If you can effectively identify trending niches by harnessing the power of data, you’ll be on your way to affiliate marketing success.

    That said, the research won’t stop there. Consistently figuring out new niches or new ways to target your old niches is the key to succeeding long-term.

    In this Strackr article, we discuss the top niche research tools, highlighting their ability to uncover valuable trends and deliver insights that help affiliate marketers streamline their processes and achieve more accurate results.

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    What is a Niche Research Tool?

    A niche research tool helps identify trends and keyword topics within a specific market. It provides you with insight into the types of queries an audience is searching for, giving you the data you need to create content that meets those needs. When used properly, niche research tools can help find hidden opportunities. They allow for a more informed approach to content creation and to target market demands properly.

    Affiliate publishers can easily find the best niches if they have the right data from the right tool.

    Why You Need Niche Research Tools

    Using a niche research tool can help you discover emerging or underserved areas within a niche. This helps you identify gaps and navigate competition by analyzing existing search data, social media trends, and competitor performance.

    Key benefits of using a niche research tool include:

    • Accurate Trend Analysis: These tools should analyze search trends, user queries, and other data points across different regions and timeframes, allowing marketers to swiftly capitalize on emerging trends.

    • Enhanced Keyword Strategy: They reveal impactful keywords based on real search data, enabling highly targeted strategies aligned with audience behavior for maximum traffic and conversions.

    • Effective Competitor Benchmarking: Monitor competitors' performance to identify strong points and gaps. Adjust your strategy to discover untapped opportunities and differentiate your content.

    • Efficiency: Automated analysis saves significant time compared to manual niche research, freeing marketers to focus on strategy execution.

    • Targeted Audience Engagement: Detailed audience profiling ensures content aligns with their preferences, resulting in more effective engagement and conversion.

    Top 10 Niche Research Tools For Affiliate Marketing

    Let’s look at the top 10 niche research tools for affiliate marketing today:

    1. Google Trends
    2. Answer the Public
    3. Strackr
    4. Google Search Console
    5. Similarweb

    1. Google Trends

    Google Trends is a free tool offered by Google that allows anyone to track what people are searching for online. It gives you an interest trend map that displays the spike and dip in specific topics across different locations, durations, and times.

    Google Trends

    By observing the patterns in the chart, you can spot emerging trends, spike periods, or under-the-radar spots regarding searches in a specific industry. This way you get an idea of user interest in the niche.

    You can also use the “Related queries” feature to discover other angles and long tail keywords that are gaining traction.

    Google Trends regions

    Key Features

    1. Search Volume Analysis: Provides insights into search volume trends for specific keywords over time.
    2. Geographical Data: Shows the popularity of search queries across different regions and locations. Sometimes, data goes down to the city level.
    3. Trending Searches: Identifies the latest trending searches and topics for every day of the year.
    4. Related Queries and Topics: Offers suggestions of related queries and topics to further refine research.
    5. Comparative Search Analysis: Enables comparing the popularity of multiple keywords or search terms simultaneously.
    6. Time Frame Customization: Allows users to analyze trends over various timeframes, from minutes to years.
    7. Categories and Filters: Refine data using specific categories like news, images, YouTube, etc.
    8. Export Data: Extract trend data into CSV files for further analysis.


    •    Free to use

    •    Real-time data

    •    User-friendly interface

    •    Broad Dataset from billions of searches

    •    Comparative insights to benchmark against competitors by comparing multiple search terms.

    •    Helps understand trends globally and regionally, which is beneficial for localized strategies.


    •    Limited data for low-volume search queries,

    •    Lack of granular insights like demographics or user-specific insights beyond location.

    •    Users may misinterpret data trends without understanding external influencing factors.

    •    Lack of customization

    •    Dependence on Google search

    2. Answer The Public

    This niche research tool pulls data from search engines like Bing, Google, YouTube, and more. It then offers a comprehensive list of questions and phrases that people are searching for in a niche. It is especially useful for affiliate publishers looking to target specific geolocation or audiences across different languages.

    Answer The public supports multiple languages, including Portuguese, German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish.

    Answer the Public

    Key Features

    • ​​Search Query Visualization: Displays data in a visually appealing "search cloud" format, revealing popular questions, comparisons, and phrases people use related to your keyword.

    • Data Aggregation: Gathers real-time search query data from Google and Bing, giving insights into the common questions and concerns of users online.

    • Keyword Segmentation: Groups keywords into categories like "what," "where," "how," "which," and other question words, to identify the most frequent types of queries.

    • Regional Analysis: Allows users to filter data by region, ensuring localized insights for content strategies that target specific geographic areas.

    • CSV Export: Offers data export in a CSV format for easy use in your reporting, analysis, or sharing with team members.

    • Comparison Feature: Enables side-by-side comparison between different queries to uncover nuances in search trends and consumer behavior.

    • Language Support: Supports multiple languages to accommodate diverse global audiences and regions.


    •    Gives location-based search data

    •    Caters to audiences in various languages

    •    Displays query search volume

    •    Displays query cost per click

    •    Excellent for finding niche search queries


    •    Limited daily searches after which you have to register

    •    Displays query volume in groups rather than for individual queries

    •    No insight on query competition level

    3. Strackr

    Strackr is a robust all-in-one affiliate tool built to help publishers effectively manage affiliate marketing activities. Affiliate publishers can easily connect to and manage 216 affiliate networks in one app. You can also track key metrics that conventional affiliate networks don’t have, such as your conversion rate, revenue share, earning per click, and more.

    Tracking these data in real time gives you insight into the best-performing niches. That way, you can channel your efforts in a way that maximizes your revenue. So if you already have data to work with, Strackr can be a big help in improving your strategy.

    Affiliate dashboard

    Key Features

    • Consolidated Dashboard: Provides a unified view of affiliate revenue, traffic, and performance across all affiliate programs in one place.

    • Affiliate Network Integrations: Strackr supports integration with over 200 affiliate networks, allowing seamless import and management of affiliate data.

    • Analytics and Reporting: Offers in-depth analytics and reporting features, including commission tracking, traffic trends, and performance comparisons.

    • Performance Alerts: Set up alerts to notify you about important performance changes in your affiliate programs.

    • API Access: Developers can integrate Strackr with their own systems via its API to customize the data flow.

    • Data Export: Export your affiliate data using  Excel or CSV formats for further analysis on other platforms.


    •    Easy monitoring and accessibility

    •    Supports multiple affiliate networks

    •    Offers comprehensive analytics

    •    Alert setup

    •    Available on mobile application

    •    Customizable tracking option


    •    Some users find the trial period too short to evaluate the platform comprehensively

    4. Google Search Console

    This is another free tool by Google that allows you to track the performance of your website on the Google Search engine Result Page (SERP). It requires that you set up and connect your website and it's also linked with Google Analytics to give you a more comprehensive overview of your website’s performance.

    Google Search console

    Although Google Search Console may appear to be a monitoring tool, it can also be used for niche performance optimization. How can this be done? Simply navigate to “Performance” and then “Search Results” to find the queries your site ranks. This will give you a data-backed idea of how users find your affiliate content.

    These queries point to potential keywords that you can target. The thing is; your affiliate content might already rank but they are not fully optimized for the queries. With this data at hand, you can proceed to publish fresh affiliate content that targets these keywords specifically or improve existing content to target them better.

    Key Features
    1. Performance Reports: Tracks search metrics like clicks, impressions, and average position for your website.
    2. Index Coverage: Identifies indexing issues that prevent pages from appearing in Google search results.
    3. URL Inspection Tool: Provides detailed information on the indexed version of specific URLs.


    •    Free to use

    •    Gives detailed search queries on a specific niche

    •    Provides data to help you tap into a new audience


    •    Only informs on existing performance

    •    There is some learning curve involved

    •    Not suitable for new keyword research

    •    Limited historical data of only the last 16 months

    5. Similarweb

    Similarweb is a traffic analysis tool that tells affiliate publishers how much traffic their website is receiving from inorganic channels. This includes direct and referral traffic. You can use Similarweb to gain insight into key analytics data in a niche and what your competitors are doing.


    With the right data, you can effectively channel your efforts to trending keywords and navigate competition in a niche. It informs you with the right data to help you create SEO-optimized content that aligns with your audience's search behavior.

    Key Features

    • Website Traffic Analysis: Offers insights into website traffic volume, engagement metrics, and global rankings.

    • Competitor Benchmarking: Enables direct comparison with competitors across various metrics, such as traffic, keywords, and audience demographics.

    • Keyword Research: Analyzes keyword performance for both organic and paid search, providing insights into keyword strategies.

    • Referral and Social Traffic: Breaks down traffic sources, including referrals and social media, to understand visitor acquisition channels.

    • Audience Insights: Delivers demographic data, user interests, and geography for target audience profiling.

    • Market Research: Provides market trend analysis and industry benchmarks to understand sector performance.

    • Custom Alerts: Allows users to set up alerts for significant traffic changes or competitor activity.


    •    Comprehensive traffic data

    •    Offers competitor insights for competitive analysis

    •    User-friendly interface

    •    Broad market insights


    •    High cost

    •    Accuracy limitations as traffic data is estimated

    •    Limited free access to the free version

    •    Occasional data lag due to collection delays.

    •    Advanced features might be challenging for beginners, requiring a learning period.

    Bottom Line

    Achieving success in affiliate marketing hinges on selecting the right niche research tool.

    Strackr, a comprehensive affiliate marketing platform, allows you to dive deeper into niches if you already have data to analyze. We let you monitor key metrics via a unified dashboard, integrate seamlessly with a unified API, and access various tools to optimize your affiliate marketing performance.

    Leveraging this data, you can identify the most profitable niches to target.

    Sign up for Strackr today and access the vital data needed to maximize your affiliate marketing campaigns.


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