Here’s Our Ranking of the Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing (2024)
March 28, 2023 (Updated the April 2, 2024)

Here’s Our Ranking of the Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing (2024)

Strackr team

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    • Overview: We identify the most lucrative niches for affiliate marketing in 2024, emphasizing the importance of selecting a niche that balances profitability with your own interests.

    • Why trust us: At Strackr, we’re backed by the success stories of our satisfied users. Our proven track record showcases the effectiveness of our platform in optimizing affiliate campaigns.

    • Why this is important: Selecting the right niche in affiliate marketing is crucial for targeting the right audience, enhancing marketing effectiveness, and maximizing revenue potential.

    • Action points: We suggest assessing market demand, competition, and monetization potential when choosing an affiliate marketing niche.

    • Further research: Readers are encouraged to explore Strackr to optimize their affiliate campaigns and elevate their success in the competitive affiliate marketing world.

    Affiliate publishers all share one major difficulty. And what better source could there be to demonstrate a key challenge of running an affiliate marketing business in the digital arena than the Matrix?

    "Choice. The problem is choice" – Neo  (The Matrix Reloaded).

    As of October last year, there were 11,400 affiliate programs in the USA alone.

    Luckily, the job is being made simpler by companies like Strackr which are developing tools that empower affiliate publishers to make data-driven decisions to optimize their affiliate programs, track affiliate links easily, and maximize their revenues.

    Why Listen To Us:

    Strackr is more than just an affiliate marketing tool, it's your strategic partner in navigating the world of affiliate marketing.

    With a proven track record helping companies like Capital Koala and Mucho Group, Strackr provides insights and analytics that go beyond conventional approaches.

    Our platform empowers businesses to optimize their affiliate campaigns with precision.

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    “Since using the Strackr affiliate network tool, we have reduced our operational time spent reporting on all our affiliate clients. Strackr is easy to configure and intuitive to use and we can strongly recommend it if your business is using multiple affiliate networks/countries. Good work Strackr!”

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    What is Affiliate Marketing?

    Affiliate marketing as a concept is very simple. It is promoting or advertising the products or services of a third party (the merchant or vendor) in return for a commission. Commonly the commission earned is calculated on either a cost-per-click (CPC) basis or CPA (cost per action).

    So, with CPC the affiliate marketer earns a commission every time a user clicks on their affiliate’s link to visit their website or product page. With CPA, that commission is earned every time the customer buy a product or a service.

    The primary goal of affiliate marketing is to generate sources of passive income. When done correctly it is a powerful revenue generator that will continue to earn income will little to no additional work after publication.

    Strackr is an all-in-one affiliate tool built for publishers that enables them to manage up to 180 different affiliate networks with a single dashboard, drastically reducing the amount of time and effort it takes to maintain their affiliate programs. Whether you’re an Etsy affiliate or using affiliate links on YouTube, Strackr can help you manage all of your efforts!

    Affiliate programs

    Why Affiliate Marketing is Important

    Affiliate marketing has many benefits above and beyond generating sales. It allows companies to achieve a number of business goals on a low budget with no upfront spend including

    • Promoting their products or services
    • Increasing brand awareness
    • Maximsing ROI whilst minimizing risk
    • Increasing inorganic growth

    Many people perceive these benefits to be entirely on the vendor side, but that would be a mistake.

    On the contrary, publishers need to understand that they should be using affiliate marketing themselves - because they will receive all the same benefits. This has become even more important since the rise of social media and the impact of social proof.

    Consumers these days base their purchasing decisions heavily on their online and social media engagement experiences. They have greater levels of trust in companies and brands that are advocated for by their peers and reviews from other trusted sources - 93% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase.

    Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing

    Don’t just experiment with what niche will work best for you. There’s no room for trial and error if you don’t come in with a plan beforehand. There are several factors you should assess, so when you dive head first into the world of affiliate marketing, you’ll see profits sooner rather than later.

    Here are the top criteria you should consider when choosing the best niches for your affiliate marketing efforts:

    Research and Brainstorming

    Ideally, you want to opt for niches that you are interested in and actually know something about so you can maintain your motivation and produce high-quality content.

    If possible you want to select a broad category that you’ve researched and understand. Before breaking it down into smaller subcategories within that industry or sector. A niche within a niche, if you will.

    Look at Profitability

    Commission rates across affiliate programs vary significantly. Take the time required to identify which niches and which programs within those niches generally offer higher commission rates.

    Evaluate the Competition

    Choose a niche that has a manageable level of competition. If the niche is too competitive, it may be difficult to stand out and attract visitors to your website.

    Define Your Unique Selling Point

    Having a clearly defined USP differentiates your offering from the competition. Ensure your visitors immediately appreciate what you do differently and how that meets their needs.

    Assess the Quality of Each Niche

    Evaluating the quality of different niches means thoroughly analyzing the following factors to determine which ones offer the best potential for success.

    To start, consider the level of demand within each niche. You may ask yourself, "Is a sizable audience interested in products or services related to this niche?"

    You want to target niches with consistent demand to ensure you invest your time and effort wisely.

    However, pay attention to niches with lower-priced items if they have a large sales volume or offer recurring commissions. This is essential even if they seem less profitable at first glance.

    While higher-priced items may offer substantial one-time commissions, niches with lower-priced items often compensate through a high sales volume. This can translate into significant earnings over time, especially if the products or services have widespread appeal. You want to think about total profit.

    Consider Whether the Niche is Evergreen

    Evergreen niches maintain relevance and demand over time, offering stability and potential for consistent income.

    Take a moment to reflect on whether the niche you're drawn to fits the bill of a product or service with consistent consumer demand. This will ensure your growth is sustainable.

    The Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing

    Below we will take a look at some of the best niches for affiliate marketing. Don’t forget that tools like Strackr, which is suited for affiliate publishers, gives you access to over 500,000 affiliate programs and help you manage a larger affiliate network, meaning more money for less work.

    1. Fashion

    Fashion is a fantastic niche to consider because it is so broad and has a large number of sub-niches that you can focus on.

    Take clothing, for example. Clothing can be subdivided in a million different ways.

    • Formal/Casual
    • Business/leisure
    • Seasonal
    • Occasional
    • And many, many more…

    Each of these categories has a ton of its own sub-niches, and if you find the right one, you could be on to a real winner. And because fashion trends constantly change, you will always have something new to promote.

    Strackr Suggestion


    Newchic is a fashion site dedicated to providing the latest fashion to everyone including cultural clothing and plus-sized fashion. Their affiliate program offers an 18% commission to new affiliates with commissions rising to as much as 50%!

    Newchic affiliate program

    2. Wellness/Health & Fitness

    The concept of wellness isn’t new, but its popularity and usage have soared in recent years.

    Essentially wellness is an overall niche that includes mental/psychological well-being as well as physical health and fitness. 

    The Wellness industry is growing through increased public awareness around mental health brought about by things such as the Waking Up app. The value of the wellness market globally is estimated to be above $1.5T.

    As a sub-niche of wellness, Heath & Fitness is no slouch - with that market value currently standing just shy of $100B globally.

    Strackr Suggestion


    Fan Fuel offers a range of supplements for fitness and weight training, diet, beauty, wellness, and nootropics. They do things a little differently by offering a revenue-sharing model to their affiliates with repeat sales earning repeat commissions. Commissions average 40%.

    Fanfuel affiliate program

    3. Technology

    Technology is similar to fashion as an affiliate marketing niche because it too is constantly evolving.

    There will never come a time when technology stops evolving and improving, so there are always going to be new products and services to promote (well, until we reach the singularity, but by then, it really won’t matter much).

    Keeping pace with technological evolution can keep your affiliate marketing ahead of the rest.

    Strackr Suggestion

    Amazon associates

    Amazon associates is one of the largest affiliate networks going and practically every affiliate marketer should be using them for the sheer size of their user base. Commissions range from 1%-20% depending on the type of product. Smaller tech items like tablets and phones typically earn a 4% commission whilst bigger ticket items like televisions earn commissions between 2% and 3%.

    Amazon affiliate program

    4. Gaming

    Companies like Gamestop are working with partners, including Loopring and Immutable X to develop brand-new, decentralized markets for creators and gamers.

    It is hard to comprehend, yet alone convey, just how much this could change the nature of the gaming industry. An industry that is already forecast to generate $372B this year.

    If you are a gamer yourself, you should strongly consider joining affiliate programs like Razer, Zygor Guides, and Twitch and get started now.

    Strackr Suggestion


    Gamestop offers a 5% commission on all products (their commissions are lower than Amazon associates for games but they do not cap commissions like Amazon does). The company is really going places having just posted fantastic quarterly earning for Q4 2022 and with their forthcoming marketplaces you can expect them to become numero uno for gaming affiliate programs.

    Gamestop affiliate program

    5. Finance

    Times are tough. Due to various global events and market uncertainty, people are desperate to learn how to better manage their finances and make their money go further than it currently does.

    Fintech is a sub-niche of finance that is undergoing huge growth at the moment. Companies like Sofi affiliate programme are leading the charge from brick & mortar banking to digital banking and this, again, is a one-way street.

    Finding the right niche here will go a long way to improving your own financial situation.

    Strackr Suggestion


    Not only are SoFi a company set to dominate its own market sector, they offer a wide range of different services each of which offers a good commission rate for affiliate referrals including $100 for every credit card sign-up and up to $1000 for student loan refinancing.

    SoFi affiliate program

    6. Pets

    The pet industry is another behemoth that is not going to go away. 70% of American households have a pet, the US pet industry is currently worth $76.8B and that is forecast to grow by 5.3% every year through 2025.

    A fairly recent phenomenon among younger generations is to consider their pets every much a part of their family as any cousin, sibling, or parent. You only have to spend a few minutes on Reddit before you are confronted with videos of pet owners referring to themselves as ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’ to their pet.

    The point is that pets are now generally afforded a higher status than was previously the case - and do you think that is going to reduce or increase the amount of revenue that can be earned through pet referral programs?

    Strackr Suggestion


    There are a lot of pet affiliate programs that could work for you if you are interested in pets but you would be hard-pressed to look past the Chewy affiliate program which currently offers a 4% commission on customer sales. They are a billion-dollar company with an unmatched reputation among its clients and will only continue to go from strength to strength. Plus, they are great for affiliate content creators as they often partner with blog websites!

    Chewy affiliate program

    7. Travel

    The travel industry has long been a lucrative niche for affiliate marketers, and its appeal continues to grow as people seek new experiences and adventures.

    With the rise of digital nomadism and an increasing desire for unique travel experiences, the opportunities for affiliates in this niche are abundant.

    One of the key factors driving the success of affiliate marketing in the travel industry is the wide variety of products and services available for promotion. The rise of travel blogs, social media influencers, and review websites has also created numerous opportunities for affiliates to reach potential customers.

    Strackr Suggestion

    REI Co-op

    REI Co-op is an excellent choice for affiliate marketers in the travel niche, particularly for those focusing on outdoor and adventure travel!

    Their extensive range of products caters to hikers, campers, climbers, and adventurers. This makes them a versatile option for affiliate marketers targeting these niches.

    One of the key reasons to consider the REI Co-op affiliate program is its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

    Many consumers today are conscious of their purchases' impact on the planet, and REI Co-op's dedication to eco-friendly practices resonates with environmentally-conscious travelers.

    REI Co-op Home

    8. Food

    Everyone needs to eat. Food is one of the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing as it offers ample opportunities for monetization, whether through promoting meal delivery services, specialty food products, or kitchen essentials.

    With growing interest in healthy eating and culinary exploration, affiliate marketers can capitalize on this trend by partnering with reputable brands and creating valuable content for their audience.

    Strackr Suggestion

    Blue Apron

    Blue Apron is an excellent choice for affiliate marketers in the food niche for several reasons. It offers a unique solution to a typical consumer pain point: meal planning and grocery shopping hassle. You can expect about $15 per sale with Blue Apron’s affiliate program.

    Blue Apron simplifies the cooking process and saves customers time and effort by providing pre-portioned ingredients and chef-designed recipes.

    Moreover, Blue Apron's target demographic aligns well with the interests of many consumers today. Focusing on fresh, high-quality ingredients and diverse recipes to suit various dietary preferences, it appeals to health-conscious individuals, busy professionals, and cooking enthusiasts.

    Blue Apron Home

    9. Parenting

    Parenting is a perennially popular niche in affiliate marketing due to the constant demand for information, products, and services that cater to their needs.

    From pregnancy and childbirth to raising infants, toddlers, and teenagers, affiliate marketers have countless opportunities to provide valuable content and recommendations.

    Parenting bloggers and influencers can partner with brands that offer products and services targeting specific age groups or parenting styles. 

    Strackr Suggestion


    buybuyBABY is a premier destination for parents seeking a wide range of baby products and essentials. Due to several key factors, their affiliate program presents a compelling opportunity for marketers in the parenting niche.

    Firstly, buybuyBABY offers a diverse selection of high-quality products, from nursery furniture and baby gear to feeding supplies and clothing.

    This catalog ensures that affiliates have ample opportunities to create content and make recommendations that resonate with their parental audience.

    Secondly, buybuyBABY is known for its competitive pricing and frequent promotions. Affiliates can leverage these discounts and special offers to incentivize their audience to purchase through their referral links, increasing their earning potential. Expect a 2.4% commission rate in return.

    Lastly, buybuyBABY's affiliate program offers competitive commission rates and performance incentives, providing affiliates a lucrative opportunity to monetize their content effectively. 

    buybuyBABY Home

    10. Arts

    One profitable sub-niche within arts and crafts is DIY home decor. With more people looking to personalize their living spaces, there's a growing demand for tutorials, guides, and products related to home improvement and decoration.

    Affiliate marketers can tap into this trend catering to DIY enthusiasts.

    Another promising sub-niche is digital art. These include graphic design, illustration, pixelated art, chibi, and other cute online artworks. 

    Additionally, digital art resources such as brushes, textures, and digital assets are in high demand among digital artists. Affiliates can partner with marketplaces and platforms that offer these resources, earning commissions for every sale referred through their affiliate links.

    Strackr Suggestion


    Etsy is recommended as an ideal affiliate program within the arts niche due to its unique positioning as a leading online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods. With millions of sellers offering diverse creative products, Etsy provides a one-stop destination for artists, crafters, and art enthusiasts.

    Etsy Home

    Bonus: Best CPA niches

    In 2024, we suggest you also explore CPA niches as it’s often characterized by low competition and can be highly profitable for affiliates.

    CPA means cost per acquisition. In CPA niches, you’re given a fixed payment for every new customer you refer. For example, in the gambling niche, a casino might pay you a lump sum for every new player you refer.

    Unlike broader markets with high competition, CPA niches often have fewer players vying for the same audience. This means there's more room for affiliates to establish themselves and gain traction without being overshadowed by larger competitors.

    11. Gambling/Online Casino

    This niche presents a lucrative opportunity for affiliate marketers looking to capitalize on the ever-growing demand for online betting and gaming experiences.

    With the global online gambling market expected to reach a value of over $184.28 billion by 2038, according to Statista, the potential for affiliate earnings in this niche is substantial.

    Affiliate marketers can tap into this thriving niche by partnering with reputable online casino brands that offer competitive commission rates and attractive incentives.

    If you do choose to go the gambling route, you might decide to work with multiple affiliate programs. Tracking these links across several channels requires a lot of coordination. Thankfully, our gambling affiliation API allows you to track transactions from 60 different advertisers.

    Strackr Suggestion


    One of the key reasons to consider Bet365 as a top choice for affiliate marketing is its extensive range of betting markets. Whether it's sports betting, casino games, poker, or bingo, Bet365 caters to a diverse audience of players.

    Moreover, Bet365 has a transparent commission structure and timely payouts, so affiliates can trust it to deliver on its promises and provide a reliable source of income.

    Bet365 Home

    12. Loans

    In case you haven’t noticed, Loan apps are becoming mainstream today, particularly for entrepreneurs needing money to start a fresh business or students needing cash for their allowance or paying tuition fees.

    Personal finance bloggers, business advisors, and educational platforms targeting students and professionals can all find a place in promoting loan services.

    Many loan services offer commissions not only on the initial loan acquisition but also on subsequent repayments or refinancing. This can result in a steady stream of passive income for affiliates.

    Strackr Suggestion


    LendingTree is a well-established and reputable brand in the financial industry. With over two decades of experience, LendingTree has built a strong reputation as a trusted online loan marketplace, connecting borrowers with a network of lenders.

    They provide affiliates with comprehensive support and resources to maximize their success. Affiliates gain access to a dedicated affiliate management team that offers guidance, assistance, and personalized strategies to optimize performance.

    LendingTree Home


    We’ve examined the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing in this article, but profitability is only one aspect of identifying what will be the best affiliate marketing niches for you.

    Identifying profitable niches and the programs with the highest commissions won’t guarantee that you earn any money from the content you publish. To do that you need to understand how effective your affiliate networks are and for that you need the right tools.

    Strackr immediately connects you with 180 of the best affiliate networks and gives you access to data-driven insights so you can truly optimize your affiliate network. If you think you could benefit from applying data-driven insights to the tools you already use why not sign up for a free trial today?


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