Commissions range

We have improved the way we manage the affiliate commission ranges provided by the affiliate networks.

Until now, only the public commission rates were available in our API when they were provided in a standardized format by the networks. With this update, it is now possible to find the public commissions, and commissions range for each partnership you have with the programs.

An example in the API:

And on each page of the advertiser when we have the information:

In order to have more data available, we have also handled cases of non-standardized data, for example "The payout is between 2.4% and 8% of sales" from a network, will give in our API:

  "ratio": {
    "min": 2.4,
    "max": 8

Here is the list of networks already updated:

Your connections are now updated but for Awin it will take a few days before you have all your commission rates due to Awin's API restrictions.

If you need to integrate a network, please contact us.

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