4. Reports

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    You will have access to different reports page like Transactions, Revenues, etc...


    On transactions reports page, you can select each transaction to display information :

    Depending on the network, you will find user information (device, referrer, etc...), the timeline and the basket details.

    Data synchronization

    Your data for the current day and the day before are synchronized every X hours according to your subscription. To update Pending transactions, an update is launched every 3 days to check if older transactions are confirmed or declined. Depending on this delay, it is possible that your revenues are not 100% the same as those of the networks until the update is done.

    You will be able to find the status update date when you click on the top right menu : 

    Export reports in CSV

    If you need to manage your affiliate data in Excels, Google Sheets or Airtable, you can export in a CSV file the data. The CSV file will have a header with the title of columns separated with a comma (,).

    To download a report, you will find a download icon on the top right of the table:

    Click on CSV and a popup will show up:

    You can select a different date range, it can be useful if you want to download a large date range with a lot of data, the table will not have to load all the data and slow down your browser.

    Select the columns you need, the list of columns depends on the type of export (transactions, revenues, clicks etc...).

    You can also select a filter, Views or Categories. If you select a filter, you will download only the columns related to the filters, for example if you created a High Tech category with only one advertiser in this category, you will one get data from this advertiser. 

    When you finished your selection, click on export and you will download your CSV file.

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