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    With Segments, you can filter and segment important groups of advertisers. For example, you could create a segment of advertisers with clicks but without transaction, or a segment of advertisers with huge percent of declined transaction.


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    What is a segment? 

    A segment is a group of your advertisers defined by rules (or filters) that you set. Advertisers are automatically added to the segment every time the advertiser updates to match those rules. 

    Create a segment

    To create categories, click on Advertisers in the left menu, then click on the gear icon

    On the manager page, click on the Segments tab:

    Then click on the Add a segment blue button on the top right to open the modal:

    You can add the name of the segment that will we be displayed on the left menu and choose the number of days of statistics that the filters will be based on.

    Example 1

    First, we show you how to create a simple segment. You want to list advertisers who have a large percentage of declined transactions, for example 40%:

    To get statistics based on the last year, select 365 days. Then create a new filter and select greater than 40.

    Example 2

    Now let's say you want to segment advertisers who have clicks but no transactions:

    As you can see we created 2 group of filters, because we would like to filter transaction if the total is 0 OR unknown. You can change the operator for a group of filters and the segment.

    Predefined segments

    There is 2 predefined segments, and you’ll see these at the top of your list in the menu:

    All advertisers: all advertisers without filter

    Active: advertisers with clicks or revenues or transactions and with a program status as joined or unknown.

    Segments in the main menu

    When you create segments, they will be visible in the main left menu:

    Segments will be shared with all other users, a user can however hide one or more segments by clicking on the hide icon:

    And also the order of display in the menu:

    Useful segments to create

    The segments you create should be specific to your product. Here are some ideas to get you started: 

    Lost clicks - You could create a segment of advertisers who have clicks but the status of the program is closed or declined or paused.

    Hot advertisers - List advertisers with high conversion rate and revshare to send more clicks to them.

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