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    How to connect the verticalAds platform to Strackr


    Connecting verticalAds platform and its partners to Strackr takes just a few minutes, and lets you to collect your transactions in a single dashboard. A unique API is available to connect your cashback application and retrieve all transaction data like the subid value of subid.

    verticalAds API integration

    verticalAds provides an API to connect communicationAds, financeAds and retailAds into one place, it gives more transaction information compared to the dedicated API.

    How to set up a connection to verticalAds

    1. First, go to this URL and create an account.

    2. For each network, you will have to find your User ID and API key, follow the documentation to find them:

    3. Once you found your credentials, on the top left, click on APIs and select the network that you want to connect:

    Fill in the User ID and the API key in the fields and save:

    4. On the bottom of the same page, you will find your global User ID and API token:

    Copy and paste these credentials on Strackr and confirm the connection.

    You will have to repeat this steps if you want to connect more networks.

    About verticalAds

    Affiliate data available from the verticalAds API that you can connect to Strackr.

    Standard connection
    • Transactions
    • Clicks
    • Payments
    • Channels
    • Link Builder
    • Revenues
    • Revenues CPC
    • Program statuses
    • Deals
    • Transaction inquiries
    Subid for verticalAds

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