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    With Strackr Slack integration your team has access to your data directly in your company's Slack channel, you can get automatic and on demand metrics:

    • Use /strackr command to access daily, weekly and monthly reports for any of your metrics or create affiliate links with the Link Builder.
    • A scheduled report will send your daily statistics to your channels every day.

    Setting up the integration

    1. On Strackr, click on Integration on the left menu and click on Slack

    2. Click on add a Workspace : 

    3. Sign in to your Slack account when prompted and select the Workspace if you have more than one:

    4. Agree to the fine print and choose a destination channel:

    Commands and recurring reports will only be posted to one channel, if you want to add other channels you can repeat the process.

    Configure recurring reports

    Recurring reports are posted daily as the email reports. When you edit a Workspace connection:

    You can edit the time that you want to receive the report and which report you wish to receive. If you don't want to receive reports, unselect all checkboxes.

    The, you will receive the report :

    How to use commands

    List of commands

    To get the list of all the available command, you can use the command /strackr help or just /strackr

    For metrics

    You can use the Strackr command to display live statistics directly in your channel, the format of the command is :

    /strackr [m|metrics|mc|metricschannel] interval

    For example, if you want to display the current revenue, you can add this command /strackr m daily

    Commands m and metrics will display message only for you, mc and metricschannel for all the channel.


    • daily
    • weekly
    • monthly

    For the top advertisers

    You can display the top 15 of advertisers according to the revenues, the format of the command is:

    /strackr [t|top|tc|topchannel] interval

    For example if you would like to display the top advertisers for yesterday, you can add this command /strackr t yesterday

    Commands t and top will display message only for you, tc and topchannel for all the channel.


    • today
    • yesterday
    • week
    • month
    • year

    For the Link Builder

    You can create affiliate links in your Slack channels, the format of the command is :

    /strackr [lb|linkbuilder] [custom]

    You will get the list of affiliate links according to the URL:

    You can also add a Custom in your affiliate link:

    /strackr lb 123456

    Then you can use the right click of the selected URL and use "Copy Link Location" in the menu to share the affiliate link.

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