Our Quick-and-Easy Steps to Join the Canva Affiliate Program
March 31, 2024

Our Quick-and-Easy Steps to Join the Canva Affiliate Program

Strackr team

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    Helpful Summary

    • Overview: We introduce how joining the Canva affiliate program–now called the Empower Canvassador Program–generates significant income through affiliate marketing by promoting Canva's design tools.

    • Why you can trust us: Strackr's expertise in consolidating affiliate marketing efforts into a single dashboard helps Canva affiliates maximize their earnings.

    • Why it matters: Managing multiple affiliate networks through one dashboard simplifies tracking and enhances decision-making, which is critical for optimizing affiliate marketing strategies.

    • Action points: To join, create a Canva account, apply for the Empower Canvassador Program, and use Strackr to manage affiliate activities efficiently.

    • Further research: Explore additional affiliate programs and use Strackr to integrate all affiliate network accounts into one dashboard, saving time and enhancing productivity.

    Canva is the go-to platform for creating eye-catching designs. With its vast collection of templates, images, and fonts, even those without design expertise can craft professional-grade visuals.

    But did you know that Canva offers a massive opportunity for affiliate marketers to earn money?

    The Canva affiliate program, now known as the “Empower Canvassadors Program,” allows content creators, bloggers, and website owners to monetize by creating eye-pleasing aesthetic designs. Content creators can even use Canva templates for their platforms.

    As an affiliate or Canvassador, you'll earn commissions for each new user you bring to Canva who subscribes to a paid plan or uses your created design. That sounds awesome, right? The best part is that you can earn higher commissions if you do affiliate marketing right.

    Strackr is here to help you achieve that. Read on to learn more about the complete process of joining the Canva affiliate program!

    Why Listen To Us?

    We understand the challenges of monetizing digital platforms through affiliate marketing. Media brands across different sectors, including Thuis Atleet have optimized their affiliate strategies using Strackr. Through intelligent program selection, they’ve boosted their performance.

    Specifically, Thuis Atleet benefited from our centralized hub for all their crucial affiliate data, simplifying their operations and enhancing efficiency​​​​.


    Joining an affiliate program like Canva's can seem daunting, but our first-hand experience ensures we can offer grounded, actionable advice. We've seen small businesses thrive by adopting affiliate marketing strategies tailored to their unique needs, leading to increased commissions and broader audience reach.

    What is Canva’s Affiliate Program?

    The Canva Affiliate Program is like a partnership. You team up with the company, sign up to be an affiliate, and then you get a special link.

    When you share this link with others, like your friends, followers, or website visitors, and they sign up for a paid Canva plan using your link, you earn a commission. It's as simple as that!

    You don't need to worry about creating anything extra because Canva provides all the tools and resources you need to promote their products.

    Note, however, that the Canva Affiliate Program is evolving towards a content-creator-driven approach, focusing on supporting communities and individual content creators.

    Existing affiliates are required to apply and be accepted into the new content creator program called the Empower Canvassador Program to continue receiving benefits.

    The Empower Canvassador Program

    Rolled out at the beginning of 2024, the new Empower Canvassador program endows content creators with resources and support to help increase Canva’s profile.

    Canvassadors show their audience how to simplify tasks on Canva, creating tutorials, courses, and workshops to help others understand and enhance their design skills.

    To join, you need to consistently create engaging Canva-related content on specified platforms, commit to sharing at least one piece of content per month, and adhere to Canva's branding and NDA guidelines.

    If accepted into the new program, affiliates can retain their Impact Radius ID and existing affiliate links by accepting new terms and conditions.

    Are You Eligible to Become a Canva Affiliate?

    To become an affiliate, now called “Canvassador,” you need to apply for the Empower Canvassador program when applications are open. As of writing, applications will re-open on March 28th.

    Requirements to Become a Canvassador:

    Canva affiliate

    • Be an independent creator (not a brand or agency)

    • Have an active and engaged audience

    • Commit to creating at least one piece of Canva-related content per month to be shared on specified social platforms (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn)

    • Agree to abide by Canva's branding and NDA guidelines

    Qualities of a Great Canvassador:

    • Consistently create engaging content around Canva's products and features

    • Backgrounds include social media content creators, workshop/webinar facilitators, podcasters, course developers

    Platforms Currently Working With:

    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • TikTok
    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn

    Typically you can earn around 30% 30% of your first month's subscription fee. Specifically, you could earn up to $9 for each sale.

    Now, if you're thinking yearly, that adds up, right? For every referral that sticks around and keeps their subscription going, you could earn up to $108 in a year.

    However, you should keep in mind that your actual earnings will depend on how many people you can get to sign up. The more referrals you bring in, the more you stand to earn.

    Benefits of Joining the Canva Affiliate Program

    Earn Passive Income

    If you join the Canvassador program, you can earn money merely by sharing designs and templates. Every time someone clicks on that link and signs up for a paid plan, you earn a commission.

    There is very little time investment on your part. You just need to focus on creating great, shareable content and promoting Canva to your audience.

    Plus, with Canva's wide range of design tools and resources, you can feel good about recommending a product that truly adds value to your followers' lives.

    Promote Several Canva Products

    As a Canva affiliate or a Canvassador, you're not just limited to one product – you get to showcase various designs, templates, and premium features. The possibilities are nearly endless.

    To promote several products effectively, you need Strackr. Its dashboard is super user-friendly, making it simple to keep tabs on how each product is doing.


    This means you can see which ones are performing well or making a higher profit than others, and adjust your marketing plan accordingly.

    Grow Your Audience and Attract Advertisers

    Joining the Canva Affiliate Program comes with a perk where you receive a Canvassador badge that enhances your reputation. This badge opens up more opportunities to attract advertisers.

    As your advertising network grows, Strackr's segmentation tool becomes essential to effectively manage your programs.

    Segmenting and targeting advertisers in Strackr involves defining rules or filters to group similar advertisers together based on specific criteria. These advertisers are automatically added to the segment whenever their data updates to match the defined rules.


    By creating segments such as 'No sales,' 'Lost clicks,' or 'Hot advertisers,' you can focus on specific groups to optimize performance and revenue generation. Moreover, you can create categories to group advertisers by sector or importance, facilitating efficient monitoring and decision-making processes in managing partnerships.

    Monitor data

    What’s more, is that you can easily connect your Canva affiliate account to Strackr. In case you don’t know, Canva's affiliate contracts are handled through impact.com, where they manage agreements with over 9,000 affiliates.

    So, if you're already an affiliate with Canva, all you need to do to integrate with Strackr is connect your existing account on impact.com. It's a seamless process that ensures you can easily manage your affiliate activities across platforms without any hassle.


    How to Join the Canva Affiliate Program

    Step 1: Create a Canva Account

    To join the Canva Affiliate Program, first, you need a Canva account. If you don't have one yet, it's quick and free to sign up on the platform.

    Once you've filled out the form, and hit the sign-up button, you're now a proud member of Canva.

    Canva create account

    Step 2: Apply as a Canvassador

    If you are an individual content creator, visit the Canva website to find more information about the Empower Canvassador Program. Ensure you meet the criteria as explained earlier.  Once applications reopen on March 28th, submit your application.


    Step 3: Reapplication for Existing Affiliates

    If you are already part of Canva's Affiliate Program, note that existing affiliates need to reapply to be accepted into the new content creator program to continue receiving benefits.

    If you have concerns about your commissions, be aware that Canva will honor commissions for eligible conversions that occurred before January 31, 2024.

    If accepted into the new program, your Impact Radius ID and existing affiliate links will remain valid. Simply accept the new terms and conditions provided during the onboarding process.

    How to Get Approved for Canva’s Affiliate Program

    To increase your chances of getting approved for the new Canva Affiliate Program “Empower Canvassadors,”  follow these tips:

    Be Active on Social Media

    To stand out, you should show that you're active and engaged on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to boost your odds of getting approved for the Canva Affiliate Program.

    This means regularly posting content, interacting with your followers, and participating in relevant conversations.

    Canva wants to see that you have a genuine presence and influence in your niche. So, take the time to build up your following and establish yourself as a trusted voice in your community.

    Keep in mind that the more active and engaged you are on social media, the more likely it is that Canva will see you as a valuable partner for their affiliate program.

    Take a look at how the Canva affiliate below posts about Canva products on Instagram, including tips and tricks:

    Social media

    Source: designerishrat

    Remember, the key to growing your following on social media is persistent effort.  Don’t be discouraged to see low engagement at first.

    Grow Your Follower Base

    You don't necessarily need a massive following of 10,000+ (though it's a plus!). Having at least 500+ followers is a good starting point. The key is to show Canva that you have an engaged audience interested in design, creativity, or related topics.


    Source:  designerishrat

    This also demonstrates to Canva that you have the potential to effectively promote their platform to a receptive audience. As your follower count grows, so does your credibility as your big chance to successfully become part of the Canva Empower Canvassadors Program.

    Affiliate program

    Of course, you shouldn’t limit yourself exclusively to the Canvassador program, so  why not scout for other affiliate programs? There are plenty of programs out there that could align with your expertise.

    At Strackr, we can help content creators like you consolidate all your affiliate network accounts into a single, user-friendly dashboard view. This feature eliminates the need to switch between multiple platforms, saving creators time and effort. Apply to as many affiliate programs as you want, without worrying about how to manage them.


    We also provide useful tools like the Link Builder and Program Search, enabling you to easily generate affiliate links and track their performance. By streamlining administrative tasks and offering convenient email reporting, Strackr empowers you to focus more on creating engaging videos, posts, blogs, or podcasts. Track your progress on any device with dashboards for mobile and desktop.



    Joining the Empower Canvassador Program is an excellent opportunity to monetize your content creation efforts and earn passive income.

    This guide has equipped you with essential, quick-and-easy steps, from understanding what being a Canva affiliate entails to some strategies for excelling in the program.

    As you explore the process of becoming a Canva affiliate, Strackr is a must-have tool.

    Our all-in-one affiliate solution enables you to manage multiple affiliate networks and effortlessly compare critical metrics, ensuring your affiliate marketing endeavors yield optimal results.

    Sign up for free today and elevate your affiliate marketing game!


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