We’ve Tried The Best Travel Affiliate Programs For 2024
January 16, 2024

We’ve Tried The Best Travel Affiliate Programs For 2024

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    Overview: We've evaluated the best travel affiliate programs for 2024, focusing on their unique offerings, commission structures, and benefits to affiliate marketers in the travel industry.

    Why you can trust us: Our insights are based on our extensive experience and collaborations with major clients, providing us with a profound understanding of the travel affiliate market. We bring real-world case studies and success stories to the table, ensuring our recommendations are both practical and effective.

    Why this is important: Travel affiliate programs are a key tool for monetizing digital platforms, offering lucrative opportunities for marketers in the expansive and dynamic travel industry.

    Action points: We recommend that marketers carefully evaluate these travel affiliate programs, considering factors like commission rates, cookie duration, product relevance, and the reputation of the program.

    Further research: To complement our guide, delve into each program's specifics, explore market trends in travel affiliate marketing, and engage with existing affiliates for firsthand insights and experiences.

    Want To Find The Best Travel Affiliate Programs?

    In a time where the love for travel drives people to explore every corner of the world, the travel industry is a thriving hub of endless opportunities. Travel programs have become popular in the world of affiliate marketing, attracting both entrepreneurs and digital enthusiasts.

    With the global travel industry growing each year, affiliate marketers are at the forefront of a dynamic and expanding market.

    In this Strackr article, we’ll take you on a trip to the best travel affiliate programs that not only offer revenue, but also open up possibilities for marketers looking to establish themselves in this dynamic field.

    Let’s dive in!

    Why Listen To Us?

    Our partnership with Adclick and Joko has given us a firsthand look at the challenges and opportunities within travel affiliate marketing. Our successes with these clients, from optimizing affiliate strategies to enhancing program selection, provide us with unique insights, ensuring that our recommendations are grounded in real-world effectiveness and tailored for optimal results in the travel sector.

    What are Travel Affiliate Programs?

    Travel affiliate programs are collaborative programs between travel companies and affiliate marketers. These programs provide a unique opportunity for digital enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to earn commissions by promoting travel-related products and services.

    At its core, the concept is simple–affiliate marketers partner with travel companies to promote their offerings, such as hotel bookings, flights, tours, or travel accessories. Affiliates then earn a commission for every successful sale or lead generated through their promotional efforts.

    The mechanics of travel affiliate programs typically involve the use of affiliate links or tracking codes. When a potential traveler clicks on an affiliate link embedded in the marketer's content, a tracking code identifies the source of the referral.

    Affiliate Dashboard

    Strackr emerges as a comprehensive affiliate tool tailored for publishers, streamlining the affiliate marketing experience with our user-friendly dashboard, unified API, and an array of consolidated tools. Designed to simplify the management of multiple networks, Strackr proves to be a game-changer for those navigating the dynamic landscape of travel affiliate programs.

    Here are some of Strackr’s key features:

    • Centralized Data Management: Tired of logging into multiple networks throughout the day? Strackr brings all your affiliate data under one roof, eliminating the hassle of navigating through various platforms.

    • Seamless Network Connectivity: Connect effortlessly to hundreds of affiliate networks or direct affiliate programs. Manage API changes and downtimes with ease, and keep your data updated multiple times a day for a real-time view of your performance.

    • Top-Notch Security Measures: We take security seriously. Your connection data is not only encrypted but also hashed, ensuring the utmost protection for your sensitive information.

    • The Power of One API: Whether you're building a comparison engine, a cashback platform, or a couponing website, Strackr simplifies development with our unified API. Access all the necessary data in one place, making application development a breeze.

    Strackr Example: Capital Koala

    Capital Koala

    In affiliate marketing, Capital Koala faced the challenge of efficiently monitoring the performance of their extensive network of 2,000 advertiser partners. The need for real-time data, streamlined connectivity, and a unified solution became paramount to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

    Strackr not only consolidated all affiliate data in one place, eliminating the need for logging into multiple networks, but we also provided seamless connectivity to their 2,000 advertiser partners. The unique potential of Strackr in the market became evident as we empowered Capital Koala to monitor and optimize their affiliate marketing efforts with unparalleled efficiency.

    Why are Travel Affiliate Programs Important?

    Travel affiliate programs shape the way travelers discover and engage with the vast offerings of the global travel industry. Here are some benefits of travel affiliate programs:

    • Monetization Opportunities: Travel affiliate programs provide a lucrative avenue for individuals to monetize their digital platforms. Whether through blogs, social media, or other online channels, marketers can earn commissions by promoting travel-related products and services, turning their passion for exploration into a sustainable income stream.

    • Trusted Recommendations: In an era where consumers seek authenticity, travel affiliate marketers become trusted sources of information. Personalized recommendations from these affiliates lend credibility and influence consumer decisions, as consumers often rely on firsthand experiences and insights when planning their trips.

    • Diverse Product Range: Affiliate marketers can choose programs that align with their niche or audience, allowing for a diverse range of promotional opportunities and ensuring relevance to their followers.

    • Global Reach and Connectivity: Travel is a universal interest, and affiliate programs in this sector offer marketers the chance to connect with a global audience. By promoting destinations, services, and experiences, affiliates can tap into a vast and diverse market, expanding their reach beyond geographical boundaries.

    Criteria To Consider When Choosing Travel Affiliate Programs

    When choosing travel affiliate programs, you should consider certain factors to ensure they align with your goals and audience needs. These criteria include:

    Commission Structure

    Look for programs that offer a competitive and fair commission rate. Higher commissions can mean more earnings, but it's also important to consider how often bookings are made in that specific travel niche.

    Cookie Duration

    This refers to how long the cookie stays on a potential customer's browser after they click on your affiliate link. A longer duration can increase the chances of earning a commission if a booking is made later. Some use last-click attribution, while others may use multi-touch attribution. Knowing these details helps you gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.


    Choose affiliate programs from reputable and well-established travel companies. A good reputation ensures trust and increases the likelihood of conversions.  Adequate support, whether through responsive customer service or comprehensive resources, is vital for navigating challenges and optimizing your performance.

    Ease of Use

    The program should have an easy-to-use interface for tracking sales, commissions, and performance metrics. User-friendly platforms can significantly enhance your affiliate marketing efforts.

    Adaptability and Innovation

    Programs that continuously update and improve their offerings to adapt to changing travel trends and customer needs can offer more long-term benefits.

    Top Travel Affiliate Programs 2024

    Explore the best Travel Affiliate Programs of 2024, uncovering valuable opportunities for digital marketers and content creators in the ever-evolving world of travel affiliate marketing. Check out our top picks below:

    • Expedia
    • Booking.com
    • Agoda
    • Tripadvisor
    • Hotels.com
    • G Adventures
    • Travelpayouts
    • Kayak
    • Viator
    • World Nomads



    Expedia, a leading global travel brand, offers access to an extensive network of over 140,000 properties worldwide, along with discounted flights, vacation packages, cruises, and car rentals. With more than 500 travel partnerships, users can potentially save up to $500 on combined airline tickets and hotel bookings. Expedia's loyalty program allows users to earn points for future travel, adding an extra incentive.

    URL: Expedia Affiliate Program

    Commission: 2%-6%

    Cookie Duration: 7 days



    Booking.com, a prominent online travel platform, covers a range of services such as hotel bookings, airline tickets, and car rentals. Renowned as one of the most popular travel comparison sites globally, it boasts nearly 30 million bookable rooms across over 2.5 million properties. The platform's affiliate program, hosting over 12,500 affiliates, offers a 4% commission on all bookings with a seven-day EPC exceeding $160.

    URL: Booking.com Affiliate Program

    Commission: 4%

    Cookie Duration: Session-based



    Agoda, a global online travel accommodation platform, stands among the largest with a network exceeding two million vacation rentals and hotel bookings. Unlike specializing in a single area, Agoda offers deals catering to various travel needs, from business and leisure to solo and family trips, encompassing a broad audience of travel bloggers.

    URL: Agoda Affiliate Program

    Commission: up to 7%

    Cookie Duration: 30 days



    Tripadvisor, renowned for its role as a leading online review platform, also functions as a hotel and activity booking portal. In the Tripadvisor affiliate program, the primary focus is on accommodation, with affiliate marketers earning a generous 50% commission split from Tripadvisor's hotel earnings.

    URL: Tripadvisor Affiliate Program

    Commission: 50%

    Cookie Duration: 14 days



    As its name implies, Hotels.com is a leading provider of hotel accommodations, offering a vast portfolio of over one million properties across 200 countries. Whether you seek a luxurious resort or a cozy bed-and-breakfast, Hotels.com likely has it in its extensive selection. With 85 localized websites available in over 35 languages, the Hotels.com affiliate program provides access to a truly global audience.

    URL: Hotels.com Affiliate Program

    Commission: 4%

    Cookie Duration: 7 days

    G Adventures

    G Adventures

    G Adventures positions itself as a leader in small group adventure travel, offering unique experiences such as living like a local in the Amazon, touring North Asia by rail, or mountain trekking in Nepal, rather than conventional fly-and-flop trips to all-inclusive resorts. Although it caters to a relatively niche market, projected to be worth $1.6 trillion by 2026, it stands out as one of the best affiliate programs for adventure travel blogs.

    URL: G Adventures Affiliate Program

    Commission: 6% per sale

    Cookie Duration: 60 days



    Unlike other travel sites listed here that operate as individual brands with specific affiliate programs, Travelpayouts distinguishes itself as a pay-per-action affiliate network. It offers a diverse range of referral programs covering flights, hotel bookings, car rentals, and insurance. With access to over 90 travel affiliate programs, including exclusive ones from brands like Vrbo, Tripadvisor, and Hilton Honors, Travelpayouts has paid out over $28 million in commissions to around 300,000 affiliates since 2011.

    URL: Travelpayouts Affiliate Program

    Commission: Varies

    Cookie Duration: Varies



    Kayak operates its travel affiliate network, encompassing various brands like HotelsCombined and Momondo. Collectively, these brands generate over six billion travel searches annually, collaborate with more than two million properties, and distribute over $76 million in affiliate earnings each year.

    URL: Kayak Affiliate Program

    Commission: 50%

    Cookie Duration: 30 days


    As we've explored the top travel affiliate programs, each with its unique offerings and commission structures, it's evident that navigating this space requires careful consideration of various criteria. From commission rates and cookie durations to product relevance and program reputation, affiliate marketers need a comprehensive tool to streamline their efforts.

    With our all-in-one affiliate tool, Strackr simplifies the management of multiple networks, providing a centralized platform to handle diverse travel programs efficiently. Strackr is designed to meet the needs of affiliate marketers navigating the dynamic world of travel partnerships, from ensuring security through encrypted connections to offering one API for unified data access.

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