We Present Our Top Picks for the Best VPN Affiliate Programs
January 18, 2024

We Present Our Top Picks for the Best VPN Affiliate Programs

Strackr team

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    Helpful Summary

    Overview: We evaluated various VPN affiliate programs, focusing on commission structures, product variety, and the reputability of providers, essential for affiliates in the digital security sector.

    Why you can trust us: Our expertise is reinforced by successful collaborations with notable clients,, providing us with unique insights into the VPN affiliate market. This experience ensures our recommendations are both relevant and effective for affiliate marketers.

    Why this is important: Selecting the right VPN affiliate program is crucial for maximizing earnings and establishing a trustworthy affiliate presence in the growing field of digital security.

    Action points: We suggest affiliates carefully consider the commission structure, product range, and provider reputation of each VPN affiliate program. Aligning these aspects with your marketing strategy and audience preferences is key to success.

    Further research: Expand your understanding by researching the latest cybersecurity trends, comparing program specifics, and seeking feedback from current affiliates in the VPN niche to make the most informed choice for your affiliate marketing endeavors.

    Want To Find The Best VPN Affiliate Program For You?

    With digital security concerns becoming increasingly prevalent, safeguarding our online activities has never been more critical. As we navigate the vast digital landscape, the need for robust cybersecurity measures has risen to the forefront.

    In this era of evolving digital risks, a VPN stands as a powerful tool, providing a secure and encrypted connection that shields your online presence from prying eyes. Whether it's protecting sensitive data, ensuring anonymity, or accessing geo-restricted content, VPNs have become synonymous with digital safety.

    As users increasingly recognize the importance of online privacy and security, VPN affiliate programs present a lucrative opportunity for affiliates to align with reputable VPN providers and earn commissions while advocating for digital safety.

    In this Strackr article, join us as we explore and recommend the best VPN affiliate programs.

    Why Listen To Us?

    Our expertise is backed by successful collaborations with clients such as Capital Koala and Mucho Group. These experiences have provided us with a deep understanding of the nuances of affiliate marketing, specifically in the VPN sector.

    Working with these clients has equipped us with practical insights into what makes an affiliate program successful, ensuring our recommendations are not only informed but also tested in real-world scenarios.

    What are VPN Affiliate Programs?

    VPN affiliate programs are strategic partnerships between affiliates and Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers, offering a mutually beneficial arrangement. Affiliates, often individuals or businesses with online platforms, promote and endorse VPN services through unique affiliate links. In return, they earn commissions for each successful sale or conversion generated through their referral.

    These programs thrive on the premise that affiliates, armed with firsthand knowledge or an understanding of their audience's cybersecurity needs, can effectively endorse VPN services.

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    Benefits of VPN Affiliate Programs

    Choosing the right affiliate program is important for any winning affiliate marketing strategy. Here are some reasons why you should choose VPN affiliate programs:

    • High Commissions: As an affiliate, you have the potential to earn substantial income for each successful referral or conversion. The lucrative commission structures offered by VPN providers make these programs a rewarding avenue for those looking to monetize their affiliate marketing efforts effectively.

    • Recurring Revenue: Unlike one-time commissions, recurring revenue ensures that affiliates continue to earn for as long as the referred customer remains a subscriber. This sustainable income model adds a layer of predictability and stability to your affiliate earnings.

    • Increasing Demand: Affiliates can promote different VPN packages, from basic plans for casual users to advanced options with enhanced features for tech enthusiasts. This versatility allows affiliates to tailor their promotional efforts to a diverse audience.

    • Wide Range of Products: VPN affiliate programs often offer a diverse range of products and subscription plans, catering to a broad audience with varied needs. Partnering with established and trustworthy VPN services enhances the credibility of affiliates, fostering trust among their audience.

    • High-Quality VPN Providers: Affiliates can align themselves with reputable and high-quality VPN providers when participating in VPN affiliate programs. Partnering with established and trustworthy VPN services enhances the credibility of affiliates, fostering trust among their audience.

    • Flexibility and Scalability: Whether you're a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting, the flexibility of VPN affiliate programs accommodates a range of approaches. As your audience and reach grow, the scalable nature of these programs ensures that your earning potential can expand accordingly.

    Criteria To Consider When Choosing VPN Affiliate Programs

    To ensure you choose the best one, here are some of the factors to consider when choosing VPN affiliate programs:

    Commission Structure

    Evaluate the commission structure offered by the VPN affiliate program. Look for programs that provide competitive and transparent commission rates. Consider whether the program offers one-time commissions, recurring commissions, or a hybrid model, and choose one that aligns with your revenue goals.

    Reputation of the VPN Provider

    Partner with VPN affiliate programs that collaborate with reputable and well-established VPN providers. The credibility of the VPN service reflects on your affiliate marketing efforts.

    Choose programs associated with providers known for their reliability, security features, and positive user reviews to build trust with your audience.

    Product Range and Features

    Assess the range of products and features offered by the VPN provider through the affiliate program. A diverse product range allows you to cater to a broader audience with varying needs. For instance, look for VPN providers that offer comprehensive features, such as multiple server locations, strong encryption, and support for various devices and platforms.

    Tracking and Reporting Tools

    Consider the tracking and reporting tools provided by the VPN affiliate program. Accurate tracking is essential for ensuring you receive proper credit for your referrals. Look for programs that offer robust analytics, real-time reporting, and transparent insights into your affiliate performance. This information is crucial for optimizing your marketing strategies.

    Support and Resources for Affiliates

    Choose a VPN affiliate program that prioritizes the success of its affiliates by offering comprehensive support and resources. This may include marketing materials, affiliate training, dedicated account managers, and responsive customer support. Programs that provide valuable resources can empower you to maximize your performance and conversions.

    Our Top Picks for the Best VPN Affiliate Programs

    Explore the premier affiliate programs that not only prioritize online privacy but also offer lucrative opportunities. Check out our list of the top VPN affiliate programs below:

    1. ExpressVPN

    Express VPN

    Prospective members of the ExpressVPN Affiliate Program need a vibrant online presence focused on VPN-related content. Affiliates stand to earn a 100% commission on 1-month subscription sales, 45% on 6-month subscriptions, and 44% on 12-month subscriptions.

    Monthly payouts are facilitated, contingent upon reaching a $100 minimum payout threshold.

    2. PureVPN


    PureVPN emerges as a top-tier choice for affiliate programs. They boast not only strong conversion rates, dedicated account managers, and an industry-leading payout processed in just 15 days, but also generous commission rates ranging from 40% to 100%.

    You’ll also get a prolonged 90-day cookie duration, and a diverse product range, making it a lucrative opportunity for affiliates seeking substantial income through referrals.

    3. IPVanish


    Boasting an extensive network of 40,000 IPs across 2,200 servers in 75 global locations, IPVanish stands out. Their affiliate program is equally noteworthy, featuring industry-leading CPA rates, exclusive landing pages, comprehensive marketing resources, and customer-centric offers.

    With no maximum or minimum payout thresholds and diverse payout currency options, it caters to international affiliates.

    4. Surfshark


    Surfshark, a relatively recent entrant to the VPN scene since its launch in 2018, has swiftly become one of the internet's favored VPN providers, earning acclaim for its robust services. Their VPN affiliate program, equally commendable, provides a 40% commission on new sales, accompanied by a 30-day cookie duration.

    While offering diverse payout options such as PayPal and cryptocurrency, Surfshark maintains a minimum payout threshold of $100.

    5. NordVPN


    NordVPN's affiliate program distinguishes itself through its exceptionally generous commission rates, ranging from 30% to 100% per sale, showcasing a commitment to valuing its affiliates.

    The program also stands out with a substantial cookie duration of 30 days, providing ample time for affiliates to earn commissions even if users don't make immediate purchases.

    6. CyberGhost VPN

    CyberGhost VPN

    CyberGhost, renowned for its user-friendly VPN, caters perfectly to those venturing into the realm of cybersecurity. Its straightforward interface contributes to its immense popularity, serving a substantial user base of 38 million.

    The CyberGhost VPN affiliate program stands out by offering commissions of up to 100% with a generous 45-day cookie duration. While payout details are not explicitly listed, it's worth noting that they may not be as extensive or flexible as some alternative options.

    7. CactusVPN


    Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Moldova, CactusVPN is a VPN service renowned for its end-to-end encryption.

    The CactusVPN affiliate program presents a conventional 25% commission on each sale, coupled with possibilities for recurring commissions. Tailored for blogs, the program encourages affiliates to create written content endorsing the product, making it an excellent choice for content writers and copywriters.

    8. TunnelBear


    Approved participants in the TunnelBear affiliate program will benefit from a substantial 50% commission on every sale. Notably, there's no minimum payment threshold, and the program extends a generous 45-day cookie duration.

    9. PrivateVPN


    PrivateVPN's affiliate initiative boasts the lengthiest cookie duration among the featured programs, an outstanding 6 months. Commission rates vary from 30% to 50% per sale. The program maintains a minimum payout threshold of $100, disbursed monthly through PayPal.

    Affiliates with PrivateVPN gain access to a dedicated dashboard, offering comprehensive insights into campaign performance, key metrics, and sales figures.

    10. TorGuard


    TorGuard's services come at a higher cost compared to similar VPN products, with a base monthly fee of $9.99. While this may pose a challenge for affiliates in generating sales, TorGuard compensates with a generous 60-day cookie duration and a commendable 30% commission on each sale.

    Hailing from the United States, this company provides secure browsing services and VPN-protected email, operating servers across more than 50 global locations.


    VPN affiliate programs not only contribute to online privacy and security but also offer lucrative opportunities for affiliates to earn substantial commissions. From high conversion rates and recurring revenue models to increasing demand and diverse product offerings, VPN affiliate programs stand as a gateway to a thriving affiliate marketing landscape.

    With our comprehensive API, affiliate toolkit, and emphasis on data security, Strackr simplifies your affiliate marketing journey. From unifying affiliate data to providing valuable analytics, we equip affiliates with the tools needed to optimize strategies, maximize revenue potential, and navigate the intricate landscape of VPN affiliate programs seamlessly.

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