Google Analytics: affiliate transaction on Google Ads

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    Once the integration with Google Analytics is complete, you can connect your Google Analytics account to your Google Ads account to import transactions as a conversion action and track the performance of your campaigns.

    Before you start connecting your accounts, make sure that the Google Analytics integration is working properly.

    Google Analytics on your Google Ads account

    On your Google Ads account, click on Tools and settings and Linked account under Setup:

    Use the search input to search Google Analytics, find Google Analytics GA4 or UA and click on Details:

    Find the GA account that you want to connect and click on Link:

    A popup will be displayed, select Import Google Analytics audiences and click on Link:

    Import your Google Analytics transactions

    Your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts are now linked, now you need to import your Google Analytics transactions to Conversion actions.

    On the main menu, click on Tools and Settings and Conversions under Measurement:

    Click on New conversion action button:

    Then click on Import, select your Google Analytics account type and next:

    Select Transactions and click on Import and continue:

    And it's done, you Google Ads account is now connected to your affiliate transactions.

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