Google Analytics: Manual integration

We offer a straightforward method to integrate your sales into Google Analytics using our JavaScript tag. However, if you'd prefer, you can manually insert information into your affiliate links. This documentation will guide you through the process.

Creation of the Google Analytics Custom (GAC)

To associate the transaction with the session, you'll need the Client ID from Google Analytics:
Google Analytics Client ID Information

Below is an example of a Client ID:

Retrieve the Client ID using JavaScript or PHP. Here's an example of a Client ID: 208027640.1582219202.

Next, you'll create a Google Analytics Custom (GAC) so that Strackr can link the transaction. Follow this format for the custom:
STKR + Strackr Tracking ID + base64 encoded Client ID + STKR

For instance:
Strackr Tracking ID: gSfhP
Client ID: 208078940.1654819202, encoded in base64 becomes MjA4MDc4OTQwLjE2NTQ4MTkyMDI=.

Combining these based on the format: STKR + gSfhP + MjA4MDc4OTQwLjE2NTQ4MTkyMDI= + STKR


Your affiliate link will then look like this:**STKRgSfhPMjA4MDc4OTQwLjE2NTQ4MTkyMDI=STKR**&

Server-Side Tracking:

For server-side tracking, utilize the FPID cookie value. Learn more about this value here.

Associating with Your Custom (Optional)

If you're already using custom parameters in your URLs and wish to add the GAC, there are two options:

  • Use another custom parameter when the network allows (e.g., clickref2 with Awin).
  • Concatenate your custom value with the GAC (e.g., mycustomSTKRgSfhPMjA4MDc4OTQwLjE2NTQ4MTkyMDI=STKR). We utilize STKR as a delimiter at the beginning and end of the GAC.

Adding GAC to Tracking Links

If you're uncertain which parameter to use as a subid, turn to our Link Builder tool. It'll help you generate affiliate links and identify the right parameter for your Google Analytics Custom.

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