Affiliate Marketing Glossary

New to Strackr? Here are some terms to get familiar with as you learn how to use Strackr:


AOV: Average Order Value (AOV) is the average amount of money each customer spends per transaction. You can calculate by using this formula: AOV = Total revenue / number of orders.


Channel: A channel is a source used by networks to be able to separate statistics by sources like websites, applications, etc...

Confirmed: Status of a transaction, when that has been confirmed by the advertiser or the network.

CR: Conversion Rate, the number of visitors who convert after clicking through on an ad, divided by the total number of click throughs to a site for that ad. (Expressed as: total click throughs that convert / total click throughs for that ad = conversion rate.)

Custom: A custom is a Strackr common names for Subid, afftrack, clickref or other name used by networks.


Declined: Status of a transaction, when that has been declined by the advertiser or the network.


EPC: Earnings Per Click, earnings or average pay out per clicks.


Pending: Status of a transaction, when that has been generated but is not yet confirmed or declined.


Revenue: This is the total revenue from confirmed and pending transactions.

Revshare: Revenue Share.

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