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    Your account must have one of the following role :

    • Super Admin
    • Admin


    If you have several websites or projects you may need to access to statistics separately, you can create a view and add filters to access to distinct reporting.

    Create a view

    Go to Manager, then Views and then click on the blue button Add a view:

    Enter a name and select your filters, you have 2 type of filter:

    • Connectors: it's your network connections.
    • Channels: it's a channel from networks, for example with Amazon it's Tracking ID, eBay it's Campaign ID etc...

    IMPORTANT: if you want to have only statistics from a channel, don't select the connector, add only the channel ID because if you choose the connector, you will have all connector's statistics. For example if you have a Amazon connector and want to display statistics for mywebsite-21, add only mywebsite-21 to channels.

    Display view statistics

    After created your first view, you will be able to select the view on the top left of the dashboard:

    If you need to display all statistics, click on Global.

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