Manage views

What is a view?

If you manage multiple websites or projects and need to access their statistics individually, you can create a view and apply filters for distinct reporting.

Your subscription provides a certain number of views. If you require more, you can increase this number via the subscription management page.

Create a view

To create, edit, or delete views, your account must have the Admin role.

In the left menu, select Settings, followed by Views. Then, click on the Add a view button. A modal will appear:

View modal

Enter a name for your view and select the appropriate filters. You can choose from two filter types:

  • Connections: These represent your network connections.
  • Channels: These refer to specific channels within networks. For instance, with Amazon, it's called a Tracking ID; with eBay, it's a Campaign ID, and so forth.
  • Categories: Categories you can create to group advertisers together.

If you wish to see statistics from a single channel, don't select the entire connector—just add the specific channel ID. Choosing the connector will show you all statistics related to it. For example, if you have an Amazon connector and only want to display statistics for "mywebsite-21", add just "mywebsite-21" to the channels.

Display view statistics

After creating your first view, you can select it from the top left corner of the dashboard:

View switcher

If you wish to see the combined statistics, click on Global view.

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