Our Top Selection of Fashion Affiliate Programs You Should Know
December 8, 2023

Our Top Selection of Fashion Affiliate Programs You Should Know

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    The online fashion market is booming, set to hit 1.2 trillion US dollars by 2025, according to Statista. Ecommerce fashion is also gaining popularity, with Research and Markets predicting a swell to 1.1 trillion dollars by 2026.

    Fashion affiliate marketing is a quick-growing niche that lets affiliate marketers make money by pushing the latest fashion trends. Big-name fashion brands are increasingly getting on board with affiliate programs. With such a massive market, diving into the fashion scene is a great opportunity for affiliate marketers to earn high commissions.

    Ready to turn your passion for fashion into profit? In this Strackr article, we’ll explore the best Fashion Affiliate Programs available and some things to keep in mind when getting started.

    What Is a Fashion Affiliate Program?

    In simple terms, a fashion affiliate program is a partnership between fashion brands and affiliates who promote the products of these companies. They provide you with affiliate links that you can use to promote their items on your blog or other platforms. It's a win-win – brands get exposure, and affiliates earn a passive income.

    Fashion Affiliate Program

    However, it’s important to keep in mind that different programs have different entry requirements. Some are open to everyone, while others might look for a specific level of engagement from your audience.

    For example, the Lululemon affiliate program is specifically tailored for fashion influencers and creators, providing them with the opportunity to promote popular clothes and accessories. Lululemon also offers several perks for their affiliates like competitive commission rates and access to early drops. The platform also provides various promotional channels such as blog posts, social media, and email marketing. Additionally, affiliates get exclusive marketing materials and resources.

    Why Fashion Affiliate Programs Matter

    Earn while flaunting your style

    Promoting products you genuinely love turns your fashion taste into cash. It's like getting paid for sharing your personal style with the world. Your passion becomes your paycheck.

    Low investment, high returns

    Unlike starting a traditional business, joining fashion affiliate programs doesn't need a massive upfront investment. Minimal startup costs mean you can enter the game without breaking the bank. Additionally, the potential returns are high, giving you a favorable risk-to-reward ratio.

    Diverse income streams

    Fashion affiliate programs aren't limited to just clothes. They sell everything, from accessories to beauty items. This variety allows you to explore numerous fashion industry segments, making it easier to locate products that resonate with your audience and increase your earning potential.

    Flexibility in promotion

    Fashion affiliate programs allows you to market products in a variety of ways. Whether it's through blog articles, social media, or other online platforms, you may select the ways that best suit your style and effectively engage your audience. This adaptability improves your potential to reach a larger audience and increase your earnings.

    Things to Consider When Choosing Fashion Affiliate Programs

    Choose reputable brands

    Opting for well-established fashion brands in your affiliate journey is like building your house on a solid foundation. Reputable brands not only ensure the quality of the products you're promoting but also boost your credibility as an affiliate. It's a trust game, and aligning with trustworthy brands enhances your chances of building a long-term, successful partnership.

    Understand commission structures

    Not all affiliate programs are created equal, especially when it comes to commissions. Take the time to understand the commission structures offered by different programs. Some may provide a percentage of the sales, while others offer fixed rates. Consider your profit goals, and choose the program that aligns with your financial expectations. Being crystal clear on how you get paid ensures there are no surprises down the road.

    Check affiliate program terms and conditions

    Before jumping into any affiliate partnership, carefully read and understand the terms and conditions. Some programs may have specific rules about promotional methods, payment structures, and even product restrictions. Being aware of these guidelines helps you navigate the program effectively and avoid any potential issues.

    Explore marketing support

    Look for affiliate programs that offer marketing support or a dedicated affiliate team. This could include access to promotional materials, product images, and marketing strategies. Having these resources at your disposal can make your promotional efforts more effective and save you time in creating content from scratch.

    Research cookie duration

    Cookies play a crucial role in affiliate marketing. Check the cookie duration offered by different programs. A more extended cookie duration means you continue to earn commissions even if your audience doesn't make an immediate purchase but returns within a specific timeframe.

    Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

    1. Zappos


    In 2009, Amazon acquired Zappos for $1.2 billion, and since then, Zappos has expanded beyond shoes to include eyewear, clothing, accessories, and bags. With annual revenue reaching $2 billion in 2015, Zappos has become a well-known household name. When deciding whether to promote a brand on Zappos or Amazon, it often makes sense to focus on Zappos, especially for shoes, as they offer a higher commission rate (5-10%, compared to Amazon's 4%) and a generous 30-day cookie period.

    Affiliates can also benefit from promoting renowned brands like Nike, UGG, and Vans, along with over 1,300 others available on Zappos. The Zappos affiliate program boasts an average order value (AOV) of $150, resulting in an average commission of about $10.50 at a 7% commission rate.

    2. Newchic


    Founded in 2015, NewChic’s mission centers around offering customers premium yet affordable fashion products, each featuring a unique design. NewChic goes the extra mile by catering to plus-size customers, ensuring a size-inclusive range for everyone. Beyond clothing, they provide a comprehensive selection of accessories, including shoes, bags, hats, and jewelry, making it a one-stop destination for online fashion shopping.

    Their affiliates operate within a tiered commission structure, with a baseline commission rate of 18% on all sales generated through their affiliate links. For high-performing affiliates, there's an opportunity to earn 50% commission, marking it as one of the highest payouts among the fashion affiliate programs available.

    3. Pretty Little Thing

    Pretty Little Thing

    Founded in 2012, Pretty Little Thing, a UK-based fashion company, initially focused on accessories and collaborations with online retailers. In 2015, they expanded into clothing and ventured into international markets like the United States, Australia, and France. Boasting a diverse inventory of 5,000 products at any given time, Pretty Little Thing ensures your customers always have a wide selection to choose from, featuring products aligned with current trends and those donned by celebrities and influencers.

    Affiliate partners of Pretty Little Thing can earn up to an 8% commission per sale, with an additional 5% commission on sales to existing customers. Given the brand's current popularity, affiliate marketers can capitalize on this opportunity by becoming early adopters of their affiliate program.

    4. Mott & Bow

    Mott & Bow

    A New York City-based direct-to-consumer brand, Mott & Bow offers both men's and women's clothing at fairly affordable prices. Their offerings primarily revolve around jeans that can be worn in any season.

    From an affiliate perspective, their higher price points contribute to an increased average order value, making it easier to achieve greater commissions. Affiliates also earn a standard 10% commission on most items, with rates increasing for higher transaction amounts. Sales over $500 yield an 11% commission, and those exceeding $1,000 result in a 12% commission.

    While the official Mott & Bow landing page reports 20% commissions and 14-day cookies, these details may be subject to changes based on an affiliate's track record of delivering quality traffic and sale conversions.

    5. TJ Maxx

    TJ Maxx

    TJ Maxx, established in 1977, aims to make brand-name fashion affordable for everyone. By offering popular fashion brands at up to 60% off retail prices, they source from manufacturer overstocks and clearances.

    Affiliate partners of TJ Maxx earn a 4% commission on sales, excluding gift cards. The program also boasts robust network performance metrics, providing consistent earning opportunities for fashion bloggers and influencers.

    6. Shein


    SHEIN offers affordable yet stylish clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children. With delivery to over 220 countries from strategically located warehouses, SHEIN brings accessible, high-quality fashion to a global audience.

    For newcomers to fashion affiliate marketing, SHEIN stands out as an ideal program because of its worldwide shipping. Moreover, the surprising aspect is that their commission rate, cookie duration, and EPC (Earnings Per Click) rank among the highest compared to other well-known fashion affiliate programs.

    7. Browns Fashion


    Browns Fashion has a rich history dating back to 1970 when the Bursteins took over the business from Sir William Pigot Brown.

    Today, they offer a wide range of popular and high-end fashion brands online, including Versace, Moncler, Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Calvin Klein, for both men and women. As an affiliate, you earn a 7% commission on every item your customers buy through your affiliate links. Plus, Browns Fashion also offers a dedicated affiliate team to their affiliate partners.

    How to Manage Fashion Affiliate Programs With Strackr

    If you're interested in the programs mentioned, you'll need a platform to monitor your performance and keep tabs on your commissions.

    Strackr is an all-in-one platform ideal for managing and monitoring fashion affiliate programs. Its comprehensive dashboard, in-depth insights, and API integration capabilities make it a valuable tool for affiliates in the fashion industry.

    Strackr affiliate dashboard

    Key Features

    • Affiliate Dashboard: Strackr features an all-in-one dashboard that simplifies data collection, visualization, and management of affiliate networks.
    • Data Aggregation: Collect affiliate data from numerous networks and direct affiliate programs.
    • Insights and Metrics: Keep track of metrics like Revshare, Conversion Rate (CR), and Earnings Per Click (EPC) that are not typically provided by traditional affiliate networks.
    • Reporting and Segmentation: Detailed transaction reports offer insights into user behavior, devices, operating systems, referrer clicks, landing pages, and the time elapsed from click to order confirmation. Additionally, our platform allows segmentation for organizing statistics.
    • Network Integration: Strackr supports connections to a wide range of affiliate networks, simplifying the management of affiliate API changes, downtimes, and data updates.

    Maximize your fashion affiliate programs and manage your affiliate networks with ease using Strackr.


    The prospect of turning your passion for fashion into a paycheck becomes a reality through the fashion affiliate programs we listed, offering a diverse range of products and high returns.

    Ready to dive into the world of Fashion Affiliate Programs? Get started with Strackr. Our platform gives you all the necessary tools to succeed, from Link Builders for creating tracking links to any advertiser's webpage to detailed metrics and reports that help optimize your strategy and increase your revenue.

    Try out fashion affiliate programs with ease using Strackr, an all-in-one affiliate tool built for publishers.


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