We’ve Reviewed the Best Buy Affiliate Program – Here’s What We Found
June 6, 2024

We’ve Reviewed the Best Buy Affiliate Program – Here’s What We Found

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    Helpful Summary

    • Overview: We reviewed the Best Buy affiliate program, highlighting its simple commission structure where you can earn from driving sales to their tech products. Despite some drawbacks like lower commission rates and product restrictions, it offers a substantial range for promotion.

    • Why you can trust us: At Strackr, we've helped affiliates navigate the Best Buy program and others with our affiliate tools

    • Why it matters: The Best Buy affiliate program taps into a huge market, offering a variety of tech products. These provide a solid potential for earning passive income, but there are some limitations to the commissions and product categories.

    • Action points: To maximize success with the Best Buy affiliate program, focus on promoting high-value items outside the restricted categories, use promotional tools provided, and maintain regular communication with Best Buy's affiliate team for updates and optimization strategies.

    • Further research: Investigate other affiliate programs to diversify your income streams and use Strackr to manage and analyze the performance of all your affiliate partnerships effectively. Research industry trends to stay ahead in marketing strategies and product promotions.

    When people want a convenient way to acquire tech products in the US – electronics, computers, appliances, phones, video games, and more – they head over to Best Buy. Sure, Amazon is the world’s most popular online marketplace, but Best Buy is the place to be for everything tech.

    Best Buy is a US-based multinational retailer of electronic products. In fact, they generated a whopping $46.3 billion in 2023. This huge influence on the market is one of the reasons why many entrepreneurs want to take advantage of this market share and join the Best Buy affiliate program.

    The Best Buy affiliate program is very simple. You earn a commission each time you drive potential customers to Best Buy’s website and they make a qualifying purchase.

    However, while this is, no doubt, very promising, the program has its downsides, such as commission rates that are not competitive, product restrictions, and payment thresholds, among others.

    So, in this Strackr review, we’ll tell you everything you must know about the Best Buy affiliate program. By the end of this review, you can determine whether this program is right for you and your needs.

    Why Listen To Us?

    At Strackr, we specialize in helping affiliate publishers manage their networks efficiently, all from one dashboard. With our platform, users have gained significant insights into the performance of programs like the Best Buy affiliate program, streamlining their efforts and boosting their earnings.

    Best Buy's affiliate program offers a broad range of products, making it an attractive option. However, potential affiliates should be aware of their commission structures and specific product restrictions.

    Fortunately, Strackr aids in navigating these complexities by providing tools to track your performance across different products and adjust strategies accordingly.

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    What is the Best Buy Affiliate Program?

    Founded in 1966 as an audio specialty store called Sound of Music, Best Buy was rebranded to Best Buy in 1983 with an emphasis on consumer electronics.

    Today, it is a successful multinational retailer whose portfolio includes consumer electronics, appliances, computing and smartphones, entertainment products, and home office products.

    In addition to those, it also offers consultation, design, setup, technical support, warranty-related services, health-related services and memberships, educational classes, delivery and installation of home theater, mobile audio, and appliance services.

    Like many other online marketplaces, Best Buy has also launched an affiliate program for those who want to promote and sell their products.

    The Best Buy Affiliate Program is a revenue share program that provides you with the opportunity to earn commission every time your site or app drives visitors who make a qualifying Best Buy purchase.

    It’s an ideal opportunity to generate passive income and capitalize on the vast market that Best Buy targets.

    Best Buy Affiliate program

    How Does the Best Buy Affiliate Program Work?

    Everything about the Best Buy affiliate program is really simple, from signing up to getting the payouts. Best Buy has partnered with Impact, an affiliate marketing tool that allows affiliates to track their Best Buy sales and earn commissions on the purchases customers make on the website, which you generate through your links.

    Of course, Best Buy wants you to make the most of the program. That’s why Best Buy’s team members communicate directly with you to help you out!

    Moreover, the program also provides you with every tool and resource you need to make sure you are getting the most out of it. These include many promotional banners and text links, APIs, and more.

    When it’s time for you to get paid, the program ensures the process is smooth. Best Buy pays its affiliates monthly. The platform delays all transactions by a month. So, your initial payments for website sales will come 60 days after your first Best Buy sale. For instance, sales posted in January will be paid in late March. The affiliate program also issues checks for total earned commissions with no minimum payout, which is nice.

    Which Best Buy Products Can You Market?

    Before you decide to join the Best Buy affiliate program, you should know which products can provide you with maximum commissions.

    Unlike other online marketplaces with affiliate programs, Best Buy’s program allows you to promote a wide range of products available on the website. Some of the key product categories that you can market include:

    • Electronics: Smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras, audio equipment, TVs, gaming consoles, and accessories.

    • Appliances: Refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, small kitchen appliances, and more.

    • Home theater and entertainment: Home theater systems, soundbars, projectors, streaming devices, Blu-ray players, and other entertainment accessories.

    • Computers and accessories: Desktop computers, laptops, monitors, printers, computer peripherals, networking equipment, and software, among various others.

    • Smart home devices: Smart speakers, smart thermostats, smart lighting, security cameras, home automation systems, and more.

    • Video games and consoles: PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, as well as video games, gaming accessories, and related merchandise.

    • Health and fitness: Fitness trackers, smartwatches, exercise equipment, and health monitoring devices.

    • Mobile accessories: These include smartphone cases, screen protectors, chargers, cables, power banks, and other mobile accessories.

    • Car electronics: Affiliates can market car audio systems, GPS navigation devices, dash cams, car speakers, and other car electronics accessories.

    • Office equipment: Office furniture, printers, scanners, shredders, office supplies, and other equipment suitable for home offices or businesses.

    What’s more, affiliates have the freedom to choose which products they want to promote based on the interests and preferences of their target market, as well as current trends.

    However, it is clearly stipulated on Best Buy’s website that there is a zero percent commission rate on new customers for these products:

    • Laptops

    • Tablets

    • Desktops

    • Video game and virtual reality hardware

    • Computer cards and components

    • Point-of-sale activation (POSA) cards

    • COVID tests

    • All Apple-branded products

    However, all other product categories provide a 0.5% commission rate for new customers.

    Note also that Best Buy does not pay commissions on gift cards, warranties, or transactions on third-party websites.

    Strackr makes it easier for you to find out how your product categories perform. So, when you need to choose which Best Buy products can provide you with maximum profits, your best bet would be our platform.

    Affiliate dashboard

    With Strackr, you can get the most accurate insights into how your product categories perform. Use our tool to sort products based on criteria such as revenue generated from every category. This provides you with a clear picture of which products your target market prefers. Then, you can customize your efforts for optimal results.

    Breaking down the Best Buy Affiliate Program Commission Structure

    Best Buy’s affiliate program offers a great opportunity to promote such a wide range of products. But how much can you earn? Here’s the breakdown of the commission structure.

    The program’s commission rate is set at 0.5%, as you learned earlier. Relatively, this is lower compared to other affiliate programs.

    However, take note that this commission is earned on the total value of items bought by visitors that you as an affiliate refer to the website.

    What does this mean? It means that the more products your visitors purchase, the more commissions you can earn. Best Buy compensates for this by offering a wide range of products, as discussed previously. It is a well-known retailer with a robust reputation and a customer base confident in the products they sell. That said, you can still earn more in the long run.

    Payments are given monthly for the commissions earned during the previous month. Yet, there is actually no minimum threshold for receiving payments. This means that even if you earn only a tiny amount of commissions, you will still get paid.

    That said, Best Buy affiliates may find the program limiting because of its cookie duration, which lasts only a day.

    Best Buy may be compensating its shortcomings on its commission system but these downsides are glaring enough to make you second guess signing up with their program.

    Best Buy commission rates

    The Pros and Cons of Joining the Best Buy Affiliate Program

    So, should you join the Best Buy affiliate program? It’s time to learn more about its pros and cons.


    The Best Buy affiliate program offers several advantages for marketers:

    • Provides access to a reputable and trusted retail brand, enhancing the credibility of affiliate promotions.

    • Affiliates will also benefit from Best Buy’s strong market presence and recognizable brand name. The online store dominates electronics retail in the US with a robust online presence, strategic store locations, and strong customer service.

    • Best Buy's extensive product range spans diverse categories, appealing to a broad audience and increasing the potential for conversions.

    • Aside from selling tech products, the marketplace also offers tech services, providing more choices for the customers of its affiliates.


    Despite those advantages, Best Buy’s affiliate program, like others, isn’t perfect. Here are its downsides:

    • Varying commission rates across product categories, potentially impacting earning potential.

    • Many of the online store’s best and most in-demand tech products provide no commissions at all.

    • The cookie duration may be shorter compared to competitors, limiting passive income opportunities for affiliates.

    • Product restrictions and eligibility criteria could also constrain marketing strategies, limiting the range of products affiliates can promote.

    • Affiliates may encounter challenges related to customer service issues or adjustments in program policies, requiring ongoing management and adaptation.

    • Best Buy’s affiliate program features a 60-day payout clearance period. Meaning, affiliates receive payments 60 days after the end of the month in which the commissions were earned. This is far from ideal if you want faster payouts.

    Despite these drawbacks, the program still offers valuable earning potential for affiliates willing to navigate its limitations.

    The cons will always be there, but for those who wish to magnify the advantages and maximize their earnings, joining multiple affiliate programs is highly recommended.

    The key is making sure that you have an understanding of where your customers are coming from.

    Strackr helps centralize all your affiliate programs in one simple dashboard and manage them in the easiest way possible. On that single dashboard, you can gain quick insights into all those programs and keep track of the results. No need to log into each network several times each day.


    You may also use Strackr to segment programs depending on various criteria and their respective performance. This lets you save time and focus all your efforts on just optimizing the most successful advertisers rather than spending too much time on those that bring in fewer conversions.


    Nowadays, affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to earn additional income, not to mention how easy it is to do. There are now several online marketplaces that offer affiliate programs that let you market their products and earn commissions from them, such as the Best Buy Affiliate Program.

    However, while this affiliate program is attached to a successful online store like Best Buy, it may not be the best option when you want the highest commissions. Thus, you are encouraged to join as many affiliate programs as you can if you want the best results.

    When you do, there’s a tool you can use to manage every affiliate program you participate in without logging into every single one of them each day. Strackr gathers all your affiliate data in one place. One dashboard, one API, and a range of unified tools. It’s the best way to consolidate your work as an affiliate marketer.

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