We Found the Best Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Programs for 2024
March 28, 2024

We Found the Best Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Programs for 2024

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    Helpful Summary

    Overview: In this article, we guide publishers and affiliates on monetizing traffic through the best Pay-Per-Click (PPC) affiliate programs for 2024.

    Why you can trust us: We've assisted numerous affiliates and publishers in managing their affiliate networks, including PPC programs, as they leverage our all-in-one tool to track and optimize their affiliate performance.

    Why this is important: PPC affiliate programs offer a direct way to monetize existing website traffic, so choosing the best ones in each niche is essential.

    Action points: Consider ad relevance, placement, advertiser quality, ad diversity, and user experience when selecting PPC affiliate programs. Use Strackr to manage and optimize your affiliate marketing efforts efficiently.

    Further research: Consider each affiliate niche and the corresponding programs in greater detail.

    Need Help Finding a Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Program?

    Are you getting website visitors but not sure how to make money from them? This is a problem, but it’s a good one for a website owner to have. You have the audience, now you just need the right tool to make money from it.

    That's where pay-per-click (PPC) affiliate programs come in. These programs help you earn money each time someone clicks on an ad on your site.

    But keeping track of which ads are making you money can be tricky. Strackr helps you track and manage your affiliate links easily, so you know exactly which ads are working well for you.

    In this Strackr article, we'll explain the basics of PPC affiliate programs, how to find the best ones, and show you how Strackr can help you make smarter decisions to earn more money with these programs.

    Why Listen To Us?

    Managing PPC affiliate programs can be complex. At Strackr, we've streamlined this process for many affiliates and publishers through our all-in-one affiliate tool with one dashboard and unified API, making their campaigns more profitable. Our success stories, including those of Capital Koala, eDigital Partners, and Adclick, showcase our ability to improve ad performance and earnings through our comprehensive tool.

    What is a Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Program?

    Pay-per-click affiliate programs are simple: Advertisers pay to put their ads on your site, and you earn a cut every time someone clicks on those ads. You can place these ads on your blog, website, or social media pages. The more your audience engages with these ads, the more money you make. It's a direct way to make money from your existing traffic. But not all ads perform equally, so tracking is important.

    Affiliate Dashboard

    At Strackr, we provide an all-in-one affiliate tool designed to help you see which ads your audience prefers and clicks on the most. Our platform effectively consolidates various affiliate data such as transactions, clicks, income, and payments into a single dashboard. This makes it easier for you to optimize your ads based on what works best.

    How Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Programs Can Benefit You

    Revenue on Autopilot

    Once you've placed PPC ads on your site, they can generate revenue without ongoing effort. As long as your site continues to attract visitors, they can click your ads. Thus, you can have a steady income stream without constantly updating or adding new content to your site.

    Wide Range of PPC Opportunities

    The world of PPC affiliate programs is extensive, catering to almost every industry and interest. Regardless of whether your site focuses on tech, fashion, travel, or any other niche, there are dozens of affiliate programs out there. Choose programs that align with your content and appeal to your audience. That will help you maximize conversions.

    Grow with Your Audience

    More site visitors usually means more ad clicks. PPC affiliate programs can grow alongside your website, providing continuous opportunities to increase your income as your audience expands.

    Easy to Start

    Entering PPC doesn't demand advanced technical skills or hefty upfront expenses. Simply sign up for affiliate programs, select ads that suit your audience, and place them on your site. This level of accessibility makes PPC a feasible option for just about anyone.

    Things to Consider When Choosing a Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Program

    Perceptions are important. Setting up pay-per-click affiliate programs on your site requires you to think ahead of time. Consider factors in your decision that affect both the number of clicks you'll get and how your audience perceives them:

    • Relevance: Choose ads that match your audience's interests. Relevant ads feel helpful rather than intrusive.

    • Placement: Put ads where they're easy to see without being annoying. For instance, near engaging content or in places that don’t require much scrolling.

    • Quality of Advertiser: Partner with advertisers with a reputation for reliability and fairness. You want to make sure that you get paid, and that your customers receive the products they expected.

    • Ad Diversity: Keep your site fresh with a variety of ads. The same old ads become a drag after a while.

    • User Experience: Ads should not hinder your site’s usability. Intrusive ads can drive visitors away, affecting both click earnings and overall site traffic.

    Remember, you can choose multiple programs so long as you can juggle them all. Strackr makes this easy by allowing you to manage multiple affiliate programs within one centralized platform. Designed specifically for publishers, our platform enhances the affiliate marketing process through an intuitive dashboard, a unified API, and a comprehensive suite of tools.

    Top 5 Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Programs

    1. Ezoic
    2. Mediavine
    3. AdThrive
    4. Skimlinks
    5. PropellerAds

    1. Ezoic

    Ezoic positions itself as a technology-first platform aimed at enhancing site monetization while improving user experiences through the application of machine learning for ad optimization. Ezoic

    They do not just offer an affiliate program but also provide their affiliates with a suite of AI-enabled tools designed to increase earnings and site performance. That makes you a much more efficient affiliate marketer.


    • Requirements: At least 10,000 monthly visitors.

    • Ads Supported: Display, native, link units, anchor, sticky sidebar, In Image, vignette, interstitial video.

    • Payment Model: EPMV (Earnings Per Thousand Visits) with RPM up to $15.


    • Pros: Offers significant RPM improvements over AdSense, the potential for high earnings per 1,000 visitors, and a 3% lifetime commission from referred publishers. Its focus on optimizing ad placements automatically can lead to both increased revenue and better user experience.

    • Cons: Requires a minimum of 10,000 monthly visitors, which might be a hurdle for newer websites. The machine-learning aspect, while beneficial, requires a degree of trust and patience from publishers as the system learns and optimizes over time​​​​.

    2. Mediavine

    Targeted at medium to large content creators, Mediavine is known for offering premium RPMs and stringent entry requirements. Their program is geared towards affiliates with larger amounts of traffic, requiring a minimum of 50,000 unique visitors per month.


    Mediavine is praised for its transparency, high RPM, community-focused approach, and support to publishers aiming to maximize their ad revenue. This makes it a lucrative option for successful publishers​​​​.


    • Requirements: A minimum of 50,000 visitors a month.

    • Ads Supported: Banner and native ads.

    • Payment Model: Revenue share starts at 75% to the publisher, potentially increasing based on ad impressions over the previous 30 days.


    • Pros: High RPMs (up to $30), suggesting substantial earning potential for sites with enough traffic. The focus on quality and community can also be appealing to publishers looking for a supportive network.

    • Cons: The high threshold of 50,000 unique visitors per month can exclude smaller sites. Also, the net 65 payment terms might be less appealing to publishers needing quicker payouts​​​​.

    3. AdThrive

    As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, AdThrive (now Raptive) caters to high-traffic websites with a keen focus on maximizing ad revenue and providing personalized support.


    They provide comprehensive support to ensure advertisers and publishers are a perfect match, with RPMs ranging between $12 - $30​​​​.


    • Requirements: 100,000 pageviews per month, with the majority of traffic from the United States. Google Analytics must be installed correctly.

    • Ads Supported: A wide variety including header, sidebar, sticky sidebar, content, recipe, in-image, sticky footer, videos, expandable sticky footer, interscroller, interstitial, and native outstream.

    • Payment Model: 75% of revenue goes straight to publishers, with RPMs up to $30.


    • Pros: Offers competitive RPMs and personalized support, potentially leading to a significant revenue increase. Their strict approval process ensures a quality network of publishers and advertisers.

    • Cons: The requirement of 100,000 monthly visitors limits this program to highly trafficked sites. The vetting process, while ensuring quality, might be a barrier for some publishers​​​​.

    4. Skimlinks

    Skimlinks simplifies the affiliate marketing process by saving publishers the effort of manual insertion. That’s right, their platform will automatically insert affiliate links, saving you substantial time.


    The platform caters to a broad audience, including bloggers, media publishers, influencers, and creators, aiming to make the affiliate marketing process as seamless as possible.


    • Requirements: None specified, making it accessible to publishers of all sizes.

    • Ads Supported: Not specified

    • Payment Model: Revenue split of 75/25, with the publisher keeping the larger share.


    • Pros: Automatic link conversion saves time and effort for publishers, allowing them to focus on content creation. Access to a vast network of merchants increases the potential for earnings.

    • Cons: The 75/25 revenue split means publishers earn less per transaction compared to direct affiliate links. Additionally, their shift away from supporting Amazon links might limit earning potential for some niches​​.

    5. PropellerAds

    PropellerAds’ PPC affiliate program stands out for its flexibility and accessibility to publishers of all sizes.


    With no minimum traffic requirements and compatibility with Google AdSense, PropellerAds offers a range of ad formats and quick payments.


    • Requirements: No minimum traffic requirements, open to all publishers.

    • Ads Supported: Includes but is not limited to display banners, popunders, in-page push, buttons, footers, floating banners, shadow boxes, sliders, and dialogue ads.

    • Payment Model: Varied, including CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, and CPI models.


    • Pros: The lack of minimum traffic requirements makes this program accessible to newer sites. Quick payment terms (net 7) are attractive for publishers needing fast payouts. The program's compatibility with AdSense allows for dual monetization strategies.

    • Cons: While accessible, the RPMs might not be as high as other, more exclusive programs. The presence of adult content in their ad network might not align with all publishers' content guidelines​​.

    Wrapping Up

    If you choose the right affiliate program, you can significantly boost your website's earning potential.

    By carefully considering the criteria we outlined, you’ll be well on your way to monetizing your website effectively. And the programs we listed offer diverse opportunities for affiliates.

    For a seamless experience in managing your affiliate campaigns, Strackr is here to help. Our platform is designed to streamline the tracking process, ensuring you have clear insights into which ads are performing and where there's room for improvement. Ready to enhance your online earnings?

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