Customs (subid, clickref, etc...)

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    What is a "Custom" ?

    "Custom" is the common name for what networks call subid, pubref or clickref for example.

    On Strackr, you can retrieve this information up to 5 customs per network thanks to our API.

    Publishers can for example use "Customs" to be able to track transactions with their users database or track a location on a page (review, price listing, etc...)

    How to display statistics by Customs ?

    Strackr developed a tool that will help your to display transaction and revenue statistics according to a "Custom" code.

    Click on Monitoring and Customs, you will arrive on a page with a form. Write your Custom (up to 200 characters) and press enter to valid the Custom:

    Then to display statistics, click on the Display button.

    You can choose to display statistics by using wildcard, for example if you would like statistics with Customs starting with user_, you have to add user_*.

    Save Customs

    If you use the same "Customs" to display statistics, you can save them so that you won't need to rewrite them.

    Write or select your Custom in the list, then click on the arrow on the right side of the button :

    A menu will be displayed and you will have to click on Save this custom to save it. If you reload the page, you will have your Custom in the list.

    You can also delete Custom by select them and by clicking on Delete this custom.

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