Changelog Updates and new features



2 new networks and an update for Adservice

Two new networks are available:



Transactions, revenues and program statuses are available.

We have updated the Adservice connection in order to get the status of partnerships and deals, no action is required on your side.



Daisycon and Xpartners : update your connections

On April 3rd Daisycon (and Xpartners using the same platform) will disable the legacy API authentication system for a more secure solution using oAuth, you can now update your connections in order to use this new solution by following our Daysicon documentation.

As of April 3, if you have not updated your Strackr connections, we will not be able to update your Daisycon and Xpartners statistics.



New connection for Kelkoo

Last week Kelkoo disabled the Legacy API, we worked to integrate new the API and it is now available on Strackr.

Transactions and clicks are now available for Kelkoo.



Kelkoo connection closed

The connection to the Kelkoo API is closed since February 08, a new API is available and we will add it soon.



New networks: Brandreward + Goaffpro affiliate programs

We have added a new affiliate network: Brandreward

You can access to transactions and revenues on Strackr.

5 new affiliate programs are available for Goaffpro:

  • Fiido
  • Eskute DE
  • Airbell.bile
  • Valkental
  • BuyBestGear



New networks: and Yoox

Two new platforms are available from SaaS solution, the first from platform Easy Marketing and the second from Tradedoubler:


Transactions, revenues and program statuses are available.



Transaction inquiry

A transaction can be created following an inquiry (or claim) to the advertiser, to easily identify inquiries we have added an inquiry field in the API:

Currently we are able to identify inquiries for the following networks:

  • Awin
  • CJ
  • Tradedoubler
  • Impact

If you find it possible to identify inquiries from other networks, you can contact us with examples.



4 new networks

We have added 4 network connections on Strackr:

Otto DE

You can access to transactions and revenues.

Ideal DE

You can access to transactions, revenues and clicks.

Ikea ES

You can access to transactions, revenues, deals and clicks.


You can access to transactions and revenues.



New networks: Eficads and 2Performant

We have added 2 new networks on Strackr:


You can access to transactions, revenues and clicks.


You can access to transactions, revenues and program statuses on Strackr.



Ascend: click statistics and currency setting

We improved Ascend by Partnerize (previously Pepperjam) by adding click statistics and adding a new parameter to the connection to be able to choose the right currency linked to your account:

By default it is in USD, please check if your currency is different by reading the Ascend documentation.



New network: Thomann

We have added a new affiliate platform: Thomann

You can access to transactions and revenues on Strackr.



API deals and Linkbuilder

API Deals

Networks provide different types of links with Deals, a deep link to the product page, a tracking link or sometimes an HTML code. These links are mixed in the url field of our API and you have to manage all cases. We have added 2 new fields in the API:

  • deeplink: deep link to the product page (without tracking)
  • trackinglink: tracked link to the Deal

So you can use one of the fields according to your need. We also applied a cleanup to extract for example links to HTML code.


We have enabled the LinkBuilder for the Kwanko "API 2021" connector.



New network: Indoleads

We have added a new affiliate platform: Indoleads

You can access to transactions, revenues, program statuses and the link builder on Strackr.



Removed Deals

Sometimes Deals can be deleted by advertisers before their expiration dates, in this case we have added a new status "removed" so you can be informed of the suppression.

When you use our API to retrieve Deals with the "active" and "upcoming" filters you don't have to make any changes to your code as the "removed" Deals will be ignored. Otherwise, you will have to consider this new status in order not to display these Deals to your users.



Groupon Partner Network is closed

Groupon Partner Network permanently closed on June 15, 2022, Groupon is now available on CJ Affiliate.

Your connection is automatically stopped, you can keep the connection to access your statistics but it will not be updated.


Update connection update

We have enabled the LinkBuilder for the Impact connection, you can now use our tool or the API to generate affiliate links with subids.



Update of Impact and Rakuten connections

We have just updated 2 connections:

  • Rakuten: as of June 14, the "API V1 2022" connection no longer lists only the programs you are connected with, but all available affiliate programs. We have stopped updating the status of the programs for this connection, if you want this information you have to use the "API Reports" connection.
  • Impact: We have added the commissions for your programs.



New connection for Optimise Media

Optimise Media has updated its API, a new connection is now available on Strackr: transactions, clicks, revenues, payments, program statuses and the Link Builder are available.

If you are connected to the previous API, you can import your connection to the new API.


Mobile App

Mobile App: Public Beta

Today we release the beta version of the Strackr Dashboard mobile application on iOs and Android!

This affiliate dashboard app will allow you to access your most important statistics from your mobile:

  • Performance and transaction list of the day and the previous day;
  • The evolution of revenues, number of transactions and clicks with charts;
  • The network and advertiser statistics;
  • The list of transactions of the networks and advertisers;
  • Switch between reporting periods.

The mobile app will not replace the dashboard in functionality but it will allow you to follow your statistics from anywhere.

Follow our guide to understand how the application works and the different possibilities it offers.

Keep in mind that this is a beta version, despite our tests on smartphones and tablets, it is possible that bugs or problems are present. If you encounter any, please come back to us with screenshots if possible so that we can fix them.

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