Changelog Updates and new features



Update of Impact and Rakuten connections

We have just updated 2 connections:

  • Rakuten: as of June 14, the "API V1 2022" connection no longer lists only the programs you are connected with, but all available affiliate programs. We have stopped updating the status of the programs for this connection, if you want this information you have to use the "API Reports" connection.
  • Impact: We have added the commissions for your programs.



New connection for Optimise Media

Optimise Media has updated its API, a new connection is now available on Strackr: transactions, clicks, revenues, payments, program statuses and the Link Builder are available.

If you are connected to the previous API, you can import your connection to the new API.


Mobile App

Mobile App: Public Beta

Today we release the beta version of the Strackr Dashboard mobile application on iOs and Android!

This affiliate dashboard app will allow you to access your most important statistics from your mobile:

  • Performance and transaction list of the day and the previous day;
  • The evolution of revenues, number of transactions and clicks with charts;
  • The network and advertiser statistics;
  • The list of transactions of the networks and advertisers;
  • Switch between reporting periods.

The mobile app will not replace the dashboard in functionality but it will allow you to follow your statistics from anywhere.

Follow our guide to understand how the application works and the different possibilities it offers.

Keep in mind that this is a beta version, despite our tests on smartphones and tablets, it is possible that bugs or problems are present. If you encounter any, please come back to us with screenshots if possible so that we can fix them.



New network: Aragon Premium

We have added a new affiliate platform: Aragon Premium

You can access to transactions, revenues, clicks and program statuses on Strackr.



New network: BrandXads

We have added a new affiliate platform: BrandXads

You can access to transactions, revenues, clicks and program statuses on Strackr.



New network: Panthera Network

We have added a new affiliate platform: Panthera Network

You can access to transactions, revenues, clicks, payments and program statuses on Strackr.



GetYourGuide: new import file format

GetYourGuide has updated its booking export file, we have updated the import on Strackr to take into account this new file format.

The interface of GetYourGuide has also evolved, the documentation has been updated to help you export your reservations.



Rakuten Marketing: upgrade your API V1 connection

On Strackr there are 3 different connections to the Rakuten Marketing APIs, one of the connections that allows you to have the status of the programs and deals, named API V1, must be migrated before 2022-05-15 because Rakuten has implemented a new authentication system.

On Strackr, click on Settings then Networks and check if you are connected to this API (API V1 in the Type column), if so, follow the migration guide at the end of the documentation Rakuten Marketing documentation page.



Affiliae API V2 discontinued

Affilae has planned to stop the version 2 of its API on May 1st 2022, the connection to the version 3 is already available on Strackr and you can now import your Affilae API V2 connection to the V3.

In your dashboard, click on Settings then Connect a network, select API V3 connection then add your API V3 credentials (check our documentation), in the Import connection list select the V2 connection you want to import:

Confirm and wait a few minutes and your connection will be synchronized with the new version of the Affilae API.

If you are already connected to the API V3, you don't have to do anything.



API: sort transactions by payment date

When you want to list transactions in our API, you had 2 listing choices: based on the transaction date or the transaction status update. We have just added the ability to filter the transaction list based on the payment date of the transaction.

When a network provides the information in its API, we check if the transaction is paid by the advertiser during the status update, the information is available in our API and you can now for example list the latest paid transactions bu using the parameter time_type=paid.



New network: Adtogame

We have added a new affiliate platform: Adtogame

You can access to transactions, revenues, clicks, payments and program statuses on Strackr.



New network:

We have added a new affiliate platform:

You can access to transactions, revenues, clicks, payments and program statuses on Strackr.



Top selling products report

You are probably wondering what are the best selling products from the advertisers, to help you we have just added a new report page that will group the products sold, when the affiliate platforms APIs provide the data.

The report will display the number of sales per product and the total revenue generated by the sales. When you click on a product, the list of transactions will be displayed with the date, the advertiser and the status of the transaction.

You can change the time period and export your affiliate data in CSV.



New networks: and iProspect

Two new platforms are available for the SaaS platform Easy Marketing:

Transactions, revenues and program statuses are available.



Commissions range

We have improved the way we manage the affiliate commission ranges provided by the affiliate networks.

Until now, only the public commission rates were available in our API when they were provided in a standardized format by the networks. With this update, it is now possible to find the public commissions, and commissions range for each partnership you have with the programs.

An example in the API:

And on each page of the advertiser when we have the information:

In order to have more data available, we have also handled cases of non-standardized data, for example "The payout is between 2.4% and 8% of sales" from a network, will give in our API:

  "ratio": {
    "min": 2.4,
    "max": 8

Here is the list of networks already updated:

Your connections are now updated but for Awin it will take a few days before you have all your commission rates due to Awin's API restrictions.

If you need to integrate a network, please contact us.



New network: Lemonads

We have added a new affiliate platform: Lemonads

You can access to transactions, revenues, clicks, payments and program statuses on Strackr.



New option to update data

We have released a new option for updating data from affiliate networks: in addition to updating data every hour, it is now possible to update transactions every 10 minutes.
This option can be useful if you have a loyalty program or a cashback application in order to give the information as fast as possible to your users.

In order to make the update as fast as possible, only the transactions will be updated during the 10 minutes frequency, moreover the platforms having a too slow API responses (FlexOffers,, Rakuten, CityAds) and those strongly limiting the number of requests (ShareASale) will not be updated at this frequency, they will be updated every hour.

If you are interested, you can subscribe to the option on your subscription page.



New connector for Tradedoubler

We published a new connector for Tradedoubler, it gives the same data + payments.

The legacy API connection is still working, however you can create a connection with the new API and import your data from the legacy API:



Everflow: click statistics

Networks and advertisers using Everflow (Cove, Springwell, etc...) can now have click statistics on Strackr, no action is required, clicks will be displayed automatically.

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